Temple overload

We are again back in Cairo (we keep thinking that we will leave to go to Israel soon but the food and accomodation here is so cheap and good we just can't leave!) Tomorrow we are going to the Sinai and after climbing Mount Sinai we will head to the Dahab on the beach and then slowly make our way to Israel. We plan on being in Jerusalem for Christmas. Just a quick post for today as it is a special day for me ;) and I would rather spend it doing other fun things than sitting in a very smoky internet cafe.

While in Luxor we went to two of what must be the most amazing temples in the world. If you can show me some others I challenge you, but they must be over 3000 years old and very large and magestic.

The first temple we went to was the Luxor Temple. We liked it so much during the day that we also went back at night! We had to get the most for our money. The second was Karnak Temple and the size of it actually put Luxor Temple to shame. ;)

Unfortunately the computer I am on is not letting me re-order the pictures so you will just have to enjoy them in random order.) We have officially said goodbye to Ty and Kelsey and they are now jetting off to Athens as I type. Have fun you two! We will miss you!

Luxor Temple at night.

Marc went a bit crazy after he and Ty did Purple Temple and took some wacky shots.

Marc and I took a sunset felucca ride to end our time in Luxor.

Karnak Temple

Although we have only been in Egypt for a few weeks and have very little Egyptology experience we were able to finally figure out how the temples were built. You can see the device peeking into the right side of the picture. What has taken all these historians so long?!!

Silhouette Silhouette Silhouette AHHHAAAA!

Being headless is quite becoming on Marc.

Ty, be very afraid, very very afraid!!


Josh and Njeri said...

Fun pictures. It doesn't look like much has changed in the temple since I was there 4 years ago. I thought that they would have put a Pizza Hut in there by now. Look forward to reading about the Sinai. Look up Kiriakos when you are there.


Anonymous said...

Great post with super pictures and beautiful people, especially the birthday girl! Egypt is now officially on our must visit list.
Love and prayers,
Dad and Mom.

tyrnandkelsey said...

Great post Birthday Girl! It doesn't look like the temples have changed much since I was there
with you guys last week. They should put a Pizza Hut in there, and sell Colossal Karnak Pizzas in it.

Enjoy the rest of your trip. We miss you. It was really great to hang with you guys here.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kylie! So glad you are enjoying Egypt to the fullest. Chad and I loved it too. Enjoy Isreal, it would be so cool to be there at Christmas. I loved it just as much as Egypt but it certainly isn't as cheap.

Love you both!