Kylie is not officially a 20 something anymore . . .

This week marked the dwindling days of my twenties and the passage into the long expanse of my 30's. Marc and I spent some time in Harrison Hot Springs (about 20 minutes from our house) and had a small, cozy party with some friends last night. (Unfortunately we were too enthralled with our guests to take pictures of last nights party.)

We started the morning of my natal day (did you know that is a synonym for birthday? thesaurus.com knows all!) by taking Niko for a walk to Island 22, our usual walking spot. It was just a bit frozen but really sunny and quite balmy compared to the rest of Canada.

Because just it was just the two of us to celebrate, we took a lot of headshots with the arm outstretched. Headshot in the morning:

In the evening before heading to dinner at the Copper Room (the restaurant in the hotel):
During dinner:

An after dinner shot sitting in the hot pools.

We head to Harrison quite often to go for hikes, have a picnic or look at the award winning sandcastles but we have only stayed at the hotel once before when we came here for a residents retreat. We have also been in the hot springs twice before but that story involves sneakiness, deception and TWINS! Another time, another post.

The combination of snow and cold weather was the perfect recipe for extra long soaks in the pools.

As my 30th birthday was winding down, it started to snow. Both Marc and I went to bed without even entertaining the idea that the snow would continue throughout the night and stay on the ground. (These thoughts from an Alberta boy and girl, how embarassing!) We were so surprised when we woke up to a winter wonderland!

After checking out we headed back to Chilliwack for a walk with Niko and our friend Nolene and her dog Mitsou. Island 22 looks a lot different just 24 hours later!

Yesterday we headed back to Harrison because we forgot our laptop charger. We took Niko for a hike in the snow and marveled at the beautiful area we live in. What a great 3 day birthday celebration! Thanks Marc!


Erin said...

Looks like you had a fantastic birthday celebration! Here's to our 30's being the best yet!

Mama Bear said...

I hear that 30 is the new 20! Don't worry, you're still a spring chicken! Hope your birthday celebration was fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kylie! I'll be following you soon enough into the "new twenty". Enjoy your new decade!