energetic july

we are crazy busy through july and are sorely behind in our blogging. first up is our friend shawn's stag party/camping weekend in the fraser canyon near lytton. we packed a weekend full of mountain biking, whitewater rafting, hottubbing, eating and drinking.

rafting on the thompson river is a a thoroughly fun experience on any day, and this day was 35 degrees and sunny. the last time shawn and i (and ashley) went rafting, we flipped on the first major rapid, and i lost kylie for a while. this time we certainly got wet, but the boat stayed right side down and shawn remained safe.
however he did take a major spill on his mtn bike and required the tlc of dr. ashley.

the campground we stayed at was pretty deluxe, featuring a pool and hottub, as well as bike trails and stunts. the views of the canyon were stunning.

on the way home from lytton, duncan (the guy biking the skinny above) told me about alexandra bridge, so the next day i took kylie there for our 8th anniversary. it sure doesnt feel like we are in the 9th year of our marriage!
we had a great day together, going out for a full diner breakfast in the morning, then heading out to explore the abandoned bridge.

alexandra bridge was built in 1926 as part of the old highway. after being decomissioned the area was made into a little provincial park that is worth exploring.nice picture kylie, but open your eyes please:

in the evening we ventured out to abbotsford and had a fantastic meal at restaurant 62. they made the best mojito i have ever had, and a pretty mean apple, fennel and saffron soup.

after 4 action packed days, kylie and i loaded up the 4runner and trundled out to vancouver island to visit our friends matt, monique, liam and torr, and to look at properties. actually i mostly went there to mtn bike, and got in 4 big days of riding in our 5 days away. the breakdown of the biking will have to wait though... but just like the thompson river, shawn's stag and alexandra bridge, it was spectacular!

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Lowell & Julie said...

Fun fun fun! Glad to see you guys are busy having fun. Good news that you were using the 4runner with no problemos!