Thanksgiving Indeed

We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Victoria with Marc's family (minus Dan and Carlynne). Pete, Bette, Julie and Lowell were supposed to arrive on Saturday morning but unfortunately Air Canada Jazz's computers went down for the day (as did the ferries, oh the transport weekend woes) and they did not arrive until Saturday at dinner. We went to pick up their race packages for the 8K, somehow I think I felt a little strange about it . . .

Oh there, that's better . . .

The race packages were at the Empress hotel and Marc got this great shot of the promenade.
And this one of a church downtown.
The next morning bright and Pete, Bette, Julie, Lowell and Marc set off to run their 8K race. Shareen, Gillian and I were the official picture takers.

Lowell ran by first.

Followed soon after by Marc.

Julie soon raced by (she is in the green shirt)!
Then Pete . . .
and Bette.
The official photographers, they certainly don't look as tired as the runners. ;)
Afterwards we had a lovely lunch.
Followed by a visit with Marc's extended family of uncles, aunts and cousins. Some of his cousins and his uncle Tom had run the half marathon and marathon. They certainly looked great for having run so many km that morning!

That evening it was present time! It was Julie (and Carlynne's) birthday last Tuesday and we had picked this apron up last year in Holland, thankfully we remembered where we had stuck it and actually remembered to bring it!
We also received some unexpected gifts for our bambino. This great blanket that Shareen sewed and some books and a bib. (Yes that is for the baby, although I probably could have used it later at dinner.)
Birthday dinner for Julie at Milestones . . .

On Monday we celebrated Thanksgiving with some of Shareen's friends. A great time was had by all and the food was excellent!This article that was in the Globe and Mail the other day about a family of Bhutanese refugees who recently came to Canada reminded me why I should be so thankful to live in the country I do and why refugees like this make our country a better place to live. Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone!


Unknown said...

That was Uncle Tom's THIRTY-SEVENTH marathon...crazy man (and also extremely impressive)!

I love the picture of Daddio with Karis (sp?). A little glimpse of the near future me thinks:)

shareen said...

Good work on the spelling, Julie, you got it exactly right!

I love the picture of Kylie at the race expo...

shareen said...

I sent Jenni the link to your blog and she pointed out that it's funny that the pictures of "my friends" are all of my family and Karis. Apparently I have one friend and she's a teeny - albeit very cute - child.