Goodbye Big Sky Country **

For those of you paying close attention (or not so close as it takes up a lot of his face), Marc still has a moustache. Although, some of you older ladies may find this surprising (many of you find him quite distinguished?!?), I am not the stache's biggest fan. . .
It does look a bit better when Marc is smiling. This is our Merry Christmas Eve picture.
Christmas Eve is always spent with Marc's family and Christmas Day at my moms. I like this picture here framed by Julie and Lowell with Marc mindlessly eating in the middle.

Christmas Day was a little different this year, we usually open presents in the morning but my brother came down with a nasty stomach bug on Christmas Eve and so Marc and my mom and I spent the day playing games and went for a walk at Alexander Wilderness Park. It was an absolutely beautiful day, although a bit cold in the shade!

Brad finally made it over around 4:30 but spent most of the night like this or laying under his blanket on the floor. Fortunately he felt better the next day. He did perk up a little to open presents and was pleased with his new ipod!

Marc was delegated? relegated? to carving the turkey this year.
Marc threatened to shave his head while he still had his moustache and while I realize I really have no pull when it comes to his hygiene, he was informed that under no circumstances would he be sporting a shaved head and a moustache. Thankfully he complied and his mom gave him a hair cut while in Lethbridge. The best kind of Marc cut too - FREE!
We played Guesstures one evening with Shareen and Craig and Marc's parents. Here is Marc's dad trying to get the boys to guess something. Unfortunately they were unsuccessful in their bid to beat the ladies, whose acting abilities far outweigh theirs.

After spending a wonderful 10 days in Lethbridge, we arrived home just in time to celebrate New Years with some friends having a fondue night. Our neighbour had come over about a month ago with a garbage bag full of crab. Marc and I don't usually eat crab so we brought it to our party. It was huge and similarly delicious!
Marc spent part of his evening playing with Maddi - dancing and cooking apples in the microwave and then using her toys to make a fort on her dad's ear!
Happy New Year everyone!

**Yes Montana is called Big Sky country but the top picture demonstrates Alberta's challenge for the title. It was taken just outside of Chin on beautiful Alberta winter day.


Anonymous said...

You sure had a bunch of fun events over the last couple of weeks! We enjoyed the Lethbridge part with you :) Thanks for travelling to visit us all!
Love, Mum

Lowell & Julie said...

Oh Kylie, surely you have SOME pull when it comes to Marc's hygiene. PUSH IT, BABY!!

Our time with y'all was far too short by the way!

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Anonymous said...

I love Marc dancing to maddi's piano playing... Great party! Thanks guys.