As anyone who has been watching the Olympics is well aware, Vancouver and area has been having absolutely beautiful weather lately. Today it was about 16 and Marc and I did some gardening (I cannot believe we were gardening in shorts in February!) and posing with our very cute dog.
Marc is excited about all the plants already coming up! The cherry blossoms are already on the trees too.
Niko was watching us garden and looked supercute with his paws over the curb. We decided to pose with him, which was no small feat with my very large belly.

Yesterday we headed to the river to take Niko for a walk. Marc wanted to check out some cross country trails to see what condition they were in. They were nicely groomed and there were even some new stunts so he took Niko back there again the next day.
Lastly, two weekends ago Shareen came for a visit from the island and helped me paint the bathroom (and when I say helped I mean that Shareen painted most of it while I assisted with the trim) Both Marc and I are amazed at how much better it looks and how just a small amount of money (we also changed the light fixture and the hardware) can make such a big difference!

Granted, this is right before painting, it didn't usually look this horrible but you get the idea.

We also enjoyed a bit of downtime with Shareen, having chocolate fondue and playing with Niko.

Next stop: Olypmics, then after that BABY! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.


Lowell & Julie said...

WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! I love love LOVE the belly picture with Niko. I think it needs to be blown up and framed several times over.

Have fun at the Olympics. (sooo jealous by the way). Try to seek out any and every camera so I can spot you and be proud (just don't do any streaking b/c then I wouldn't be so proud)!

Lowell & Julie said...

Oh yes, and the bathroom looks AWESOME! Perhaps Shareen will come and do OUR bathroom. It's the only room in the house that we HAVEN'T done!

Anonymous said...

So cute how Niko has learned to look up at you from your side to make eye contact Kylie :) Lovely picture.
Your bathroom really does look new! Good job Shareen, Kylie and Marc on the part you each played in the facelift.
Love Mum

Mama Bear said...

bathroom looks great! I'm so excited for baby to arrive! Can't wait to see pics!

AF said...

dude i can't believe you're still wearing that hoodie

shareen said...

oh, Niko is so cuuuuuuute! And I love your belly...any way you want to keep it even after the baby is born? :)

marcandorkylie said...

me either Aaron, me either!

Erin said...

wowee! I want to come and play with you guys in your warm, summer-like weather! And Kylie, you look radiant! You too Marc ;)

Carlynne said...

Oooo... the bathroom looks great! Can't wait to see it in real life. That and your belly, and Niko, and you two as well of course!

Katherine said...

Kylie, you should get some sort of an award for striking that pose with that belly of yours. Yay for upcoming baby.
I can't believe its been almost nine months.

Katherine said...

pa. I noticed I made it back to the linked pages. I'll try to keep up my blogging so I can honour this status once again.