last week we piled into kevin's dad's truck and drove to the interior in search of snow. we didnt find it on the coquihalla, but we found some north of kamloops in sunpeaks.
never having skied there before, i was surprised at the number of lifts and the amount of terrain. there was no new snow, but the base was good and it wasnt icy.

kylie missed out on the skiing but enjoyed the hottub.
ang and chad as well as kevin and melissa brought their kids. it was great to be around them for an extended period of time.

it was nice to experience winter for a few days before returning to springtime in chilliwack. our trees are budding and there are flowers in our front garden already. good for our garden. not so good for cypress moutain.


Lowell & Julie said...

I can't believe you guys have FLOWERS blooming... it's the WINTER OLYMPICS for crying out loud!!

Glad you had a fun skiing weekend!

diana said...

You really do look like you live in a great area. Skiing, but without the car scraping every morning!

I've emailed you at your gmail address. Still use it?