julie and lowell

my sister julie came out to visit us with her husband lowell. they were a great help and a joy to have around. julie made dinner most nights and lowell helped me hook up our new airport express, as well as rewire our tv speakers.
it is fun to have guests that fit easily into our lifestyle. although most of our guests fit easily into our lifestyle i suppose. it's not hard to sit around drinking coffee and reading and then go for hikes.

it was great to have someone else around to hold ty and accomplish the onerous task of taking pictures of him.

we took julie and lowell to our favourite spots.

julie posted a picture of me with my mouth full when she could have used this lovely shot to showcase our pita pit picnic instead.

while julie and lowell were here a million tiny spiders were born on our deck. i found at least 4 clumps like this one.
on their last full day here, we ventured into the true alpine to get a closeup look at mt slesse.

mt rexford... a climbers paradise.
ty either loves the mountains, or is seriously bored by the mountains. the expressions are similar when the dimension of time is removed. big news! he now faces OUT in his snuggly... "a whole new woooorld..."

off to lethbridge tomorrow!

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shareen said...

oh ty...the cuteness never stops (and you guys too, i particularly like kylie's pose by the 4-runner). it would be different to face out in a snuggly all of a sudden...new things to see, and smell!