mullets and music

as seen in julie's post about their time here, tyrn has lost all the hair on the top of his head, as well as a little ring around his crown, leaving him with a little thatch on top and a sweet mullet.
he looks like a little old man. in commiseration with him i elected to give myself a similar hairstyle. however the head of the house (wrt to grooming) overruled my style decision so ty is now rocking the mullet on his own. the good news is that he seems to have a thick new crop of hair coming in already.

this week while i was grocery shopping i was in a good mood and decided to try an experiment. i wanted to see if i could pick out the entire grocery list, go through the line, pay and leave the store while singing "country roads" by john denver the entire time out loud at a reasonable volume (ie. not belting it out, but certainly not singing under my breath).

my hypothesis was that my experimental zeal could easily overrule my sense of social norms and i should be able to pull it off. barring talking to the clerk and one incident in which i met the same guy for the third time just at the beginning of the chorus (i had to stop and reset so he knew that i wasnt just singing the first lines of the chorus over and over) my hypothesis was proved correct. i am fully capable of overriding social norms and singing country roads out loud for an entire grocery trip.

an interesting serendipitous discovery was made as well. at three separate times in the grocery store, complete strangers made friendly joking remarks to me, or struck up conversations unrelated to singing. it seems as if my disregard for social norms, or perhaps my obvious good humour, made me more approachable than a hoody clad, newly shorn, wrinkly pants 30 year old man would otherwise be. the friendly overtures ranged across age and sex: a 30 year old mom with her kid, a 50 year old man and a 60 year old lady with her husband.

those who know me know that i sing all the time anyways, but maybe i should crank the volume.

dark and dusty, painted on the sky
misty taste of moonshine, teardrop in my eye...


Anonymous said...

Love the hairdos boys! Also, I love the John Denver singing story! Keep singing! I occasionally sing country roads to my students. Although they totally don't get it. "Does he play for the Colorado Avalanche?" So sad... the state of children today. But it gives me hope for the future that children like Tyrn and Rowan will learn some lessons on life and love from Mr. Denver!

me said...

LOVE it! This made my day. megan

Anonymous said...

That story makes me happy. I always sing along with the radio at work. It always makes people smile. I think cause for most of us, we only sing when we are happy, and so if we are singing in public, we must be really happy, and really happy people are usually really nice, and fun to be around. And John Denver makes me think of my dad and listening to records with him.
I think you should join your son in the quest for the perfect mullet. It's not so bad Kylie. I have been living with a mulleted husband for over a year now and you get used to it.


Lowell & Julie said...

NOTHING about this post surprises me. The mullet, singing loudly in public, challenging social norms... that's my big brother!!

shareen said...

a 30-year old hoody wearing wrinkly pants man I could handle. But a 31 year old one? Nope. Too much.

Haley said...

Hee hee - I had a good chuckle(I guess more of a huh huh than a hee hee) at both the mullet shots and the mental image of Marc wandering around Safeway singing to himself.

Kevin and Erin said...

gee, I wonder why your wife wasn't fond of that hairstyle Marc?!?!?

marcandorkylie said...

thanks for all the great comments guys. i am definitely singing more, and ty loves country roads.

unfortunately today in ER i had notorious b.i.g. in my head and kept singing, "party and bull****"

new rule in emerg: no rap and no queen
"and another one down, and another down..."