august activities

here, on one of the last days of a beautiful august, is a quick photojournal of our recent lives in chilliwack.
we have been eating LOTS of wild salmon. the sockeye run in the fraser this year is the biggest since 1913 or something crazy like that. i am going fishing for alaskan koho with fraser and arie in october, so i though i had better refine my gutting and filleting techniques.
kylie refused to take more than a couple pictures of me. she missed the actual gutting process, which was quite fascinating.
i picked this salmon up on the reserve. it had come out of the river 2 hours earlier and made a fantastic dinner. we just threw it on a cedar plank with some butter and salt and pepper and let the salmon shine. i need sharper knives if i am going to do this more often.

ty and i have enjoyed playing with our toys and wiggling around on the floor.

although i havent been biking as much this summer as last summer, i have still gotten in some big rides with my buddy chris and my other buddy niko. chad and i made it out to whistler to bike the park once, and i hope to get out again to do some xc with julie.
speaking of chad, he is now famous in the fraser valley for his pork displaying abilities.

last monday i skipped out of work early to attend our friend mark and nadia's wedding on jericho beach.
it was a beautiful day, nadia was a beautiful bride and the setting was fantastic (as was the food). the groom's dutch family and the bride's italian family had great fun together.
ty got to hang out with his buddy quinton. below you can see ty transferring his cold to quinton and his family.
back when i went to UBC and stephen and amber lived just up the street, we used to come to jericho beach a lot, but we hadnt been back for a while. it was nice to stroll on the beach with brad and launa in our wedding finery.

the next day we loaded up the subaru and began our drive out to alberta.
we stopped for a hike in lake louise. kylie almost drowned in the dreaded lake louise beach sand, but luckily got away with only sandy pants and a dirty camera.

we drove out to moraine lake and then on to banff where we picked up dinner and wandered around the town.
now we are back in lethbridge and my cousin giselle's wedding is today. julie, lowell and i are doing the photography and video, so it's going to be a busy southern alberta cowboy wedding. yeehaw!


Anonymous said...

Jericho beach makes me miss Vancouver just a little bit! I used to love going for runs or walks or wading there. And - Tyler and I got engaged on Jericho beach!

diana said...

ty's getting so big! And he's so cute. How was the drive? That's something I wouldn't dare to do unless it was the middle of the night. Did you see Fraser's name in the Calgary Harold? Mentioned for his study on rebuilding brain cells. Very proud.

shareen said...

I can't believe how big Quinton is getting! I hope Brad and Launa didn't get the cold too bad (and Quinton too of course).

I miss Alberta scenery...although I shouldn't complain. The Island ain't so bad. :)

Shelley said...

i can't believe how quickly Tyrn is growing! :)

Haley said...

Looks like you've been having fun. Your salmon pics almost make me want to go fishing.. but then if I caught anything I'd have to kill it and gut it, and I'm not sure if Mikey and I are quite up to that yet. Give us a call when you get home!

marcandorkylie said...

i didnt see fraser's name in the herald, but i did see fraser!
the drive was great, minimal traffic mid week and a car that corners like it's on a track and has tonnes of passing power. i'm already looking forward to the drive home.