Dwindling Days of Summer

Oh how it pains me to type that title. We have been trying to enjoy the last days of summer to their fullest. Last week our friends Josh and Aaron and Hav and Scott came from the Sudan (via the Island), Coaldale (via Singapore) and Edmonton respectively and met up in the Wack.
The last time Josh, Aaron and Marc were together was in Singapore.
Here is Aaron, Josh, Marc and Tyrn. Tyrn has shrunk considerably since their 10713 days.

I also spent this past weekend in Victoria visiting Shareen and Craig. We had a lovely time and lovely weather!
Shareen took me out to the Blue Fox for breakfast. mmmmmm I had Oranges del Sol French toast - oranges, pecans and vanilla sour cream on french toast. Delectable!Shareen had their breakfast special with homemade Peach Rhubarb jam.

There was an International Dragon Boat festival in Victoria this weekend. It was so hot, I was ready to jump in from the dock here and swim to their boat to join them.

Ty enjoyed playing with Auntie Shareen!

We went out for breakfast again on Sunday. (Marc and I also went out for breakfast this morning! I sense a summer trend!)

I know ALL mothers say this but I must say mon petit bambino is pretty darn cute.

Please don't eat me Niko! ;)

To finish this post - a totally random picture. We purchased a new ladder from Costco last weekend (we also got card, yipeee!! Bring on the extraneous spending) This is the second time in 6 years that Marc has changed this lightbulb in our hallway. The first time he balanced precariously on the wall and the bannister and I thought I was going to become a widow, hence I have banned him from changing the bulb. We now can actually see in our stairwell at night. Revolutionary!


shareen said...

yay for light - and for doing it safely!! :)

and it's possible that I'M biased too, but I certainly think that Ty is the cutest little baby ever. Ever ever. It was so fun having you here. :)

Katherine said...

I have no blood relation to your son and I think he's super cute. SOrry I wasn't available the other night when you called. I'll try you tonight.