Catch Up

We have been neglecting our blogging duties as of late. I am getting over my "man cold" (Marc's words not mine, that he quickly "ate" after seeing me incapacitated on the couch vomiting and coughing up a lung) ;) and we are getting used to the January days of rain. We haven't brought our camera too many places lately. I even forgot it when I went to Lethbridge just after Christmas. Ty enjoyed lots of time with Grandma and Grandpa and cousin Maria. (Oh and Uncle Brad and Auntie Raquel too!)Here are a few pics of my trip there:

While I was gone, Marc got lots done around this house. Including this: Look familiar?

Ty received a new car for Christmas from my mom. (Hopefully I won't be typing that after his 16th birthday!) I didn't bring it home with me because of its size. Although my mom did ask if I could bring it as my carry on. Ummm no. ;) Ty was so excited to see his car in Chilliwack when he woke up from his nap. He's a crazy kid! (Not so much a baby anymore!)*

*I must admit after re-reading this I noticed that my predilection towards brackets is out of control this post!!! Send help.

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Lowell & Julie said...

I LOVE Ty's face in the middle car picture... what a big boy! He is growing up RIDICULOUSLY fast!