harrison retreat

kylie and i just returned from our 27 hour retreat at harrison hot springs. kylie's mom is in town and offered to babysit ty so kylie could have her first baby free night since he was born.
we stayed at the resort in a room facing the lake. it was idyllic. having the afternoon and evening of wednesday, and the morning and afternoon of thursday available to us, we packed two full days of activities into just over a day. it is amazing how much you can do when you don't have to pack a kid and his accoutrements around.
we managed to go for two kayak trips, have a picnic on the (tiny) beach, soak in the mineral springs on four separate occasions, go out for dinner and watch (the first 2 periods of) the stanley cup final, have an amazing buffet breakfast, go out for coffee twice and afternoon tea once, go for a walk on the beach and finally go for a walk in the cheam lake wetlands.

on our excursions we saw a seal (above), a family of crested river ducks, a bunch of rabbits, a deer and two brand new fawns and a legendary sto:lo chief who was turned to stone. can you see him and his torso sticking out of the water in the below picture?
we are blessed to have such an amazing retreat less than 40 min drive from our house. thanks cherri for the babysitting!


Anonymous said...

Hey you guys- what a super date!!! You did pack a lot in for sure!! So glad to hear you could do this trip. Awesome Cherri babysat Ty for you! We think they likely had a wonderful time too!
Love Mum and Dad :)

Lowell & Julie said...

Lucky ducks- looks like fun!! And you didn't miss anything by not watching the 3rd period (there was a lot of cringing and groaning going on in OUR household)!

shareen said...

Wow Cherri, babysitting Ty AND Niko! What a good grandma!

And also, how efficient how you guys? How did you pack all that into a 27 hour trip?

Haley said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Yay for grandparents :)

grahamandkristy said...

Glad that you guys could get away!! How wonderful that all sounds!