Birthdays, Canada Day, Ice Cream and Hats!

Marc celebrated the entrance into his 34th year this week and definitely did it in style! He started the morning skyping with Fraser, followed it up with a breakfast of cornbread, bacon and strawberries then drove out to Vedder for some biking. Afterwards we made our way to Harrison Lake for some kayaking sans Ty. (How many kayaking pictures can there be on this blog!!)

After some lovely quiet time on the lake we headed to the German restaurant, Black Forest for dinner. Marc ordered bratwurst to start and schnitzel for his main. I thought his eyes were MUCH bigger than his stomach but he definitely persevered.
Starting the bratwurst with an empty stomach!Then came the schnitzel!Enjoying the greasy goodness!I watched in awe as Marc continued to happily down his schnitzel.
His last bite, still happy!Marc even mentioned that he would like to eat ice cream after his bratwurst AND schnitzel, even though he knew that I had chocolate crepes waiting at home! Ty tried them out for daddy.

This week we returned to Harrison for some Canada Day festivities. Even though it was a bit cool, Ty loved the water and fully embraced his Canadian heritage by wearing his red moose shirt. Marc has his Canadian heritage permanently tatooed on himself. He was doubly patriotic!

Yesterday we took Ty for his first ice cream cone. Needless to say, he loved it!!
I leave you with Ty experimenting with the various hats around the house. We are headed to the states this week, I think the 35 degree heat in Idaho will be a shock to our system!! Even though we have had a bit more sun lately both Marc and I feel like we have just entered spring!!


Anonymous said...

What a special birthday you had Marc! And Ty definitely has some "clown" traits. Yes, the apple does not fall far from the tree(s) :)
Love Mum

Lowell & Julie said...

Marc can sure pack it in! Glad he could down so many delicious treats for his birthday!
That Ty... what a clown! :)