congratulations josh and vicky!

our good friends josh and vicky were just married in kenya. we are sad that we could not attend, but so happy for them and excited for their life together. nice work josh!


Anonymous said...

Oh Marc and Kylie, you would have loved to have been there for Josh and Vicky- and because Kenya was your home for a while! Thanks for posting this picture!! Congratulations Josh and Vicky!!!!
Mum and Dad G :)

Josh and Njeri said...

Hey Marc and Kylie,

Greetings from a roof top balcony in Shella. We just got back from an all day sailing trip with family and friends. It would have been so nice if you had been able to come. Maybe you can come here for one of our anniversaries,

Thanks for the blog post and email greetings. Our wedding day went like a dream and was a lot of fun. We loved the video of Ty. Hopefully we can see each other somewhere soon.


Josh & Vicky