road trip

currently kylie and i are in idaho falls, staying at a best western with a pool and internet access, directly across from the eponymous falls. the front desk/manager guy is about 26 and i think he deserves a raise, or at least a promotion. what a tough job.
the last 4 days were spent with kylie's granny and gramps in nampa, as well as brad and raquel and grandpa greg, in nampa idaho, just outside boise. it has been hot and sunny, and granny and gramps live in a beautiful spot overlooking lake lowell. yes lowell, you read correctly. you have a lake named after you in acreage country, heartland USA.
the most enjoyable thing about nampa was observing the love shown by grannie, gramps and grandpa for their new grandchildren, as well as watching the two kids, tyrn and maria interact and enjoy eachother.

yesterday we spent the afternoon at the waterslides, savouring a compromise between playing with the kids in kid friendly pools and slides and ditching them to catch some adrenaline on the slides for those over 48".

kylie and i also officially celebrated our 10th anniversary in nampa. this was our second day of celebration, having already gone out in style back in chilliwack. the food, drink and company at brick 29 in nampa was unparalleled; although we have celebrated anniversaries in much more exotic locales, this one was still both memorable and delicious.
now we are off to jackson wyoming and then to custer, south dakota for a g family reunion. mountain biking, hiking and eating... all things the g family is good at and all things that i fully support.

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