This crazy lady just had a birthday! Thus, we headed to Lethbridge to help her celebrate

Nana picked us up at the airport and helped welcome Ty to Calgary by helping him ride a horse in true Stampede fashion. We started out the week staying with Nana and Grandpa and headed to Crazy Cakes for their classic spudnuts on a rainy Thursday morning. (Can you believe that I grew up in Lethbridge and had my first spudnut at 32??!!! Me either! Good thing Ty is making up for lost time and trying them at 1!)

We also got to meet our new nephew Fraser while we were there. We welcomed him in party hats in classic Julie and Lowell fashion!!
He's wearing one of Ty's sweatshirts in this picture! I love sharing Ty's clothes and seeing other little bambinos enjoy them.Fraser junior is cute!! (He also met Fraser senior this week, see Fraser Sr. later on in this post)

Ty and Fraselnut (Or Fraselberry' (as the French ‘fraise’ means ‘strawberry’), 'Fraselator', 'Frasenator', 'Fraser the Laser', 'Fraisin', 'Frasel-rock' (like Fraggle Rock), ‘Crazy Frazie’, 'Frazie Fraze’, and 'Frasel-boy'. These are all on top of the popular ‘Fraselnut’ (which has somehow evolved into ‘Fraselnut butt’ at times). All those nicknames were taken from Julie's blog!! This kid isn't going to know what to call himself! :)

Ty helped drive out to the Crownest Pass for Grandma's birthday weekend. He looks like his daddy when he's about to take a curve a little too fast for my liking.

We did a couple of hikes while we were there. Ty attemped his first summit of a rock. ;) He didn't make it. Simultaneously his father was trying to give me a heart attack by jumping off the rocks. First comes climbing, then comes jumping. AHHHH . . . the things I have to look forward to.

We had a great weekend away visiting with Brad and Raquel and my mom. Ty and Maria had a fantastic time playing together and kissing and hugging, as all cousins should when they are under 5.
My mother may take offense to this but I think her and Ty are in the classic 'sasquatch' pose here. Look out Crownest Pass, there is a pink and green monster roaming your hiking trails together!

We also went for a very nice alpine hike behind the visitor centre in Coleman. Pretty scenery and lots of creek crossings! I only got my feet wet 3 times.

Brad and Marc also did a quick summit of Goat Mountain one morning and had fun repelling down the ropes left by power line construction workers.

Thanksgiving Monday was a beautiful day with no wind!!! so we headed down to Indian Battle Park for a walk with my dad.This family was having a lot of fun!

Marc spent some time biking in his beloved coulees and went out one day with Fraser Sr.Speaking of Fraser . . . we continued our Lethbridge visits in Vancouver on Sunday by hanging out with him and Kally on Sunset Beach in Vancouver. A great way to ease us back into BC life after two great weeks in Alberta!!


shareen said...

It looks like you had a great time! I love Ty's mischievous expressions now, what a little character.

And Maria is such a doll! I love the picture of you two.

Anonymous said...

If you were in Coleman you should have driven the extra hour and done some real biking and hiking in Fernie! Sounds like it was a great week! Some many things to celebrate!


marcandorkylie said...

thanks guys!
i love ty's expression grabbing onto the steering wheel. he is going somewhere.
alas, i really wanted to get out to fernie, but there was not time in this trip. on one of our visits i will make it out there for a serious bike ride.

Lowell & Julie said...

Fun fun fun! I love the first picture of Cherri. I think she would appreciate it if you had in blown up and framed on your wall!

Everyone else in the family also loves seeing Fraser Junior in Ty's clothes. Mom & Dad love it, and Shareen & Carlynne always notice right away on Skype dates!