harrison lake

after returning from the desolate east, it was time to refresh and revitalize utilizing immediate proximity to the healing waters of harrison lake.
harrison is 60 km long, with both shores offering a myriad of beaches and coves perfectly suited for front country camping. unfortunately this fact is better known in surrey than it is in chilliwack, and thus in mid summer the beaches are often covered in garbage, 4x4 tracks and toilet paper. luckily, camping midweek at the end of september allowed us our pick of empty beaches and the garbage was almost nonexistant.

this summer we have officially established that ty loves camping. his favourite activity is probably throwing rocks in the water.
he also enjoys walking on logs. i sort of regret teaching him this; he witnessed me hopping from log to log and soon enough he was clambering on himself. at least the beach provided a soft landing.
when all the natural stimulation was just too much for him, he could sit down and read a good book.
speaking of stimulation, niko loves camping too. he enjoys digging sticks out of the lake, harassing squirrels and keeping an eye on tyrn. i think he was up all night keeping watch, b/c he flaked out every morning when we got up to take over.
this particular cove offered an endless supply of dry driftwood. we cooked over an open fire, making bacon and eggs, grilled cheese, hotdogs and mini cherry pies. mmm...

having my kayak along allowed me the opportunity to commune with some playful seals in the afternoons.

harrison offers amazing views, real solitude and hotsprings! we didnt get to the springs this trip, but we hope to be back in a a few weeks.
goodbye harrison! thank you for treating us so well. i feel both refreshed and revitalized.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marc, Kylie and Ty, I love to read your blog and hear about the fun things you do as a family. Thank you for inspiring me with such a healthy sounding lifestyle. The pictures are always so nice, too. Love you lots, Auntie Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Marc! Zell just told me you passed and you are now a full-fledged .... That was a huge undertaking and I am so proud of you! I'll bet you were a great cheerleader, Kylie.
Auntie Cheryl