Creatures of Habit

Marc and I spent this past weekend at the Sloquet Creek Hotsprings with our friends Shawn and Karyn. While going through the pictures to put on this blog post, I was struck with a sense of deja vu about the photos. Perusing through the pictures I realized that when we get together with Shawn and Karyn we spend a lot of time outside, often by bodies of water (i.e. lakes or hotsprings), we wile away the time sitting around fire pits, are amused by watching our dogs play and take lots of similar pictures.

A now for the STKAMKG (for those of you who are acronymally challenged that is all of our names put together, obvious to most, but I guess not to all) Picture Comparison Essay, if you will.

Exhibit A: We spend a lot of time outside, often by bodies of water (i.e lakes or hotsrprings)

Enjoying the healing, sulphuric water of the hot springs this past weekend:

Oh and here we are two years ago doing the same thing!
Enjoying our lunch by Harrison Lake on the way to the hot springs. (After eating a lunch of wraps with avocado. mmmm)
Here are Shawn and Karyn in September 2006 by another lake in Whistler just about to eat our lunch of Triscuits and avocado. This was actually the first time I had really eaten an avocado and now am fully on board and bringing them on our camping trips!
Exhibit B: Wiling away the time sitting around fire pits.


Marc devouring and savouring a VERY burnt cherry pie. Those Greidani can't let any food go to waste - blackened or not! This seems to be a theme for Marc.

Exhibit C: Dogs playing
On our first trip to Sloquet Creek, Bella (Shawn and Karyn's Weimeraner) was just a puppy but she still gave Niko a run for his money in the playing department. Now she is bigger and still just as playful and Niko makes the same growly faces while playing with her.

Exhibit D: Take similar pictures of . . .

1. Dogs in the back of the car.

2. Shawn's arse
3. Weird orange things growing on logsIn Whistler
On Harrison Lake

And sometimes, (but not very often!) we have pictures that don't fall into any exhibit. Let's call this exhibit X or xtra.
The 4 Runner taking a well deserved break from 4x4ing while we ate lunch. She (or he??) did awesome, ascending and descending up the rocky inclines!

We had a GREAT weekend weather wise and company wise and are looking forward to making this hot spring trip an annual one so all of you can see the same pictures from year to year!

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