Portraits from November

And Halloween:

Ty's candy haul this year was epic! One KitKat and a bag of salt and vinegar chips. Don't we all wish we were so lucky to be such a cute penguin who received SO much candy!! ;)

We made and decorated Pumpkin Cookies with Maddi and Adriel. Maddi ate only the icing off her cookie. ;) Check out Ty's ubercool track suit that used to be my brothers: (It even says Brad on the back)
Shots Marc took in Hope. One looks delicious! The other not so much . . .Diner Breakfast

Erythema Migrans = lyme disease

November walks:

I love this time of year!

Dining with cousins: And lastly. Pregnancy cravings finally got the better of me. ;)

A lovely month so far! Only two more weeks and we're off to bask in the warm waters and sunshine of Maui!!


Lowell & Julie said...

HURRAY FOR PREGNANCY CRAVINGS!! Or at least for pregnancy... and also for adorable little penguin nephews! :)

Lowell & Julie said...

Aaaaaand... HURRAY FOR MAUI!!!!

Sneep Family said...


Haley said...

Salt and vinegar chips. Seriously, way to wreck Halloween for the kid - he makes a pretty cute penguin!

Mama Bear said...

YAY PREGGO! Congrats!