maui wowie

priority number one: let me assure all of you vitamin D deficient canadians that ty is taking every precaution in limiting his exposure to tropical steep angle photons.

we are safely in maui and have collected our various relatives and hangers on. so far we have participated in swimming, boogie boarding, frisbee, running and eating lots of american priced cheese (US costco is bad for my arteries, but sooo good for my mouth).
i would like you all to note lowell's sweet dumb and dumber hairdo in this picture.

ty is loving the sand and the water, and after a few good poundings, has developed a healthy fear of large waves.
our evenings have been quite enjoyable as well. it is nice to have tante yulie around to entertain us all with her austin powers routines.
it is also fun to watch tyrn and fraser interact. except when ty throws his cars at fraser's little face. but look at those eyes... he didnt mean it. he couldnt have.

on sunday night the family ventured out to little beach to party at sunset. the sky was on fire, and pretty soon the beach was too.
every sunday night there's a party on little beach, featuring a drum circle, fire dancing, frolicking in the waves and general debauchery. we participated in the frolicking and drumming, but shied away from the fire and debauchery.
did i mention it was a clothing optional beach? don't worry... with a little darkening and some artfully placed retouching, this blog can remain family friendly.


shareen said...

I didn't even SEE the guy behind you! I was so focused on your keen drumming posture (very cool by the way, nice technique) that I just glossed over the well-bronzed dude behind you. Not a spot missed on him.

Haley said...

I also totally missed naked man! It looks like you are having a great time. It's a grey and chilly day in the Wack.. wish I was sitting on the beach with you guys :)

shareen said...

also, I didn't mean to only comment about the (artfully blacked out) bronzed peen, Ty and Fraser are very cute and I'm sad I'm not also witnessing Tante Yulie's (I'm so happy that name has caught on - it's suits her so well!) Austin Powers show.

Patti said...

OK, I think my age is showing, I noticed the naked man right away :<> But I also noticed the beautiful sunset!

marcandorkylie said...

patti, it's not your age, but rather your keen observational skills +/- maternal radar i am sure. shareen, yes, tante yulie's antics are worth pining for, and thanks for the props on the technique. in a big drum circle, its more about confidence than anything else, although i suppose rhythm still plays a central role.
and haley, sorry you have to endure dreary chilliwack... i must admit, when i see the chilliwack forecast calling for sun i am annoyed. not that i begrudge you your photons, its just that i want the weather to save some sun for us when we get home. i know that is selfish of me, but i love sunshine.