Maui Part Deux

The second half of our week here in Maui has been spent hanging out with Fraser and Ty in our place, drinking coffee that Julie and Lowell bought for us everyday (mmmm coconut lattes) and going to multiple beaches.

Thanks to Julie for forever capturing my very brief moments of paddleboarding! :)

We went back to Little Beach to catch some great boogie boarding waves and Ty participated in the 'spirit of the beach.'

Ty started off our week here being quite tentative in the water. He would go to the edge and get a bit wet but run out right away. Today he was throwing himself into the big waves so he could turn around and crawl out of them, only to be dragged back into the water laughing. He is definitely a water baby! Yesterday he spent close to 3 hours straight in the ocean or pool and would have kept going if it wasn't bed time. Crazy kid!!
Having two babies on a vacation creates A LOT of diapers! Smart Julie brought her diaper genie insert and here Marc is showing off our diaper tube.
On Saturday we said goodbye to Nana and newly christened Papa as well as Auntie thts and Uncle Lowell and cousin Fraser.

Ty has spent the remainder of the week asking for Nana, Papa and thts and where they went. He also constantly asks where the moon is.

We have shockingly spent a lot of time at the beach this week too!

Marc has a lot of jumping shots that have been on this blog previously. I am not sure I enjoy his new choice of what to jump over.

Ty has absolutely loved Hawaii and we have had such a great time with him here this year. He is a super fun kid and loves new adventures!! On to the next one . . .


Shelley said...

Looks like such a great trip!! I can't believe how fast Tyrn & Fraser are growing!

shareen said...

aw, what a sweetheart that little boy is. And even though I gasped at the picture of Marc jumping over Ty, it does look pretty cool.