Mom and Dad

Marc and I just came back from a great 3 days at Silverstar (more on that to come) but the previous week we welcomed my mom on boxing day.

It rained for most of the week, but the sun did come out a couple of days, albeit briefly. Here Ty is all ready for a walk in the pouring rain. A rain suit is a must have for kids in the Lower Mainland just as much as a snowsuit is for the Prairie kiddies.
We had Christmas #2 with my mom here. Ty is sure getting to enjoy opening presents! Although he was a little afraid of the VERY REAL looking chainsaw toy from Brad and Raquel. :)

My mom and I took Ty to the train at Minter Gardens to see the Christmas lights again. It was just as much fun for him the second time.

Ty basically had 3 Christmas's this year as I totally forgot to give him his stocking both on Christmas day #1 and #2. "On the third day of Christmas my daddy gave to me . . . Granny's stocking stuffed by mommy."

He looks like such a little boy in this picture!!! Where did baby Ty go???

While my mom was here Marc and I headed to Harrison Hot Springs for the night, using a gift certificate my dad had gotten us for our anniversary. We went on two very nice walks and spent a lot of time in the hot springs. Thanks mom and dad!
Ty praying for his parents to come back . . .
He actually did nothing of the sort and barely acknowledged us when we got back because he had so much fun playing with MAMA (Grandma). (Ty also calls me mama but distinguishes mama from MAMA with a deep husky voice)

On New Years Eve, Ty "helped" mommy make caramel squares for a party. If "helping" includes getting caramel sauce and flour all over my shirt, then his first baking venture was a great success!
A family walk on the trails behind our house.
I also wanted to include some pictures from late November of my dad's visit . . . Actually technically this was Ty's first Christmas here. Here he is with his gift from my dad. He loves this car garage and plays with it daily.

Here is my dad putting together the above garage. If you know my dad or myself, you know we are both not very mechanically inclined nor spatially gifted. I do think it was quite a feat of engineering that my dad managed to put together this fine piece of child machinery and wanted to capture this moment in time as it may be a long while before it happens again. ;)
Ty enjoying a festive beverage.

Ty got his hair cut by Nana in Hawaii. Here is a cute before and after shot.
Ski pictures to come!

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Lowell & Julie said...

ty really scored with all the christmasses! setting the bar high for future years!

is that a lug diaper bag? i have the same one in black and love it!