jarrids visit

our good friend jarrid recently made the harrowing journey through the snowy rockies from edmonton to fernie to kimberly to kelowna to chilliwack.  his stops where beneficial to him b/c he got in some sweet snowboarding and beneficial to us b/c he came laden with tasty wines.

after spending the year running his own business (involving bungee jumping and west edmonton mall) he was looking for a vacation and we gave him one.  it was nice to have him in full on vacation mode at our house, b/c it set the feel for everyone.  even ty was on vacation!
we took him on all our local walks, as well as a few distant ones.  luckily he was game for braving chilliwack's fierce seasonal monsoons.

here is niko and ty both waiting patiently for us to arrive at our destination.

speaking of destinations, jarrid's visit gave me occasion to check out whistler/blackcomb.  the biggest mountain of them all.  i have biked there many times, but had no idea the ski terrain was so huge!
we had an amazing powder day.  it kept snowing hard all morning and there was bottomless snow under us at all times.  definitely the nicest conditions i have seen all year (and by extension, the nicest conditions i have seen in 18 years).  mmm... poutine...
we enjoyed jarrid's visit and look forward to hosting him again next year.  we had fun jamming, walking, sitting in the window seat, drinking wine and eating good food.

speaking of good food, ty had his first ring pop this week, and possibly his first real candy.  it was a blatant bribe for sitting still for a haircut.  he fervently licked it down to a nub.
i found a nice old wood bed on craigslist for ty.  he can officially climb out of his crib as of this week, so its almost time for a big boy bed!  plus, he's going to have a little brother or sister soon who will need the crib.
what do you think of that mister?!

we went to see an awesome irish band last week called caladh nua.  they were absolutely amazing.  my parents and kylie's mom actually saw them at the empress theatre in ft. mcleod a week previous.  my parents bought the accordian player dinner.  fantastic music.  there were a few songs that started out with a just a little muted guitar in the dark.  then one spotlight would come on and highlight the female lead singer adding a hauntingly lilting irish melody.  slowly the other instruments would come in and build the energy.  i felt like i was in a dream.

finally, i am happy to announce that our little '79 chevette, affectionately known as "benny", but most commonly known as "the chevette" found a new home last week.  it had been parked in our friends' barn, waiting for a new owner.  our friend gabe came back from ukraine recently and needed a car for a few months, so benny is all shined up and on the road again.  he passed aircare with flying colours.  thanks again mary for such an awesome car!


Anonymous said...

We sure enjoyed reading and seeing what you have been up to/
Mary's Chevette looks awesome! It warms our hearts to see it. Wonderful memories of Mary, and what a good car it was for you guys.
Mum and Dad

shareen said...

A big boy bed? I can't even believe it...just looking at that face makes me crazy with delight (sadly, Marc, I am not talking about you).

Looking forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

I always love seeing your pics and reading your comments. I chuckled at the ring pop, that has always been Jackie's 'trade off' for her boys' haircuts (although Rudy gnerally refused!) Everyone looks great; best wishes for a sagfe delivery coming soon. Love from Auntie Cheryl

Anonymous said...

I want to go for a ride to the UofA climbing gym right now!!

I can't wait to make it out that way again. I'm already scheming a possible jaunt in the Fall. I should get some work done and climbing done first.

- Jarrid

Lowell & Julie said...

It's been a big couple of months for Ty! Chocolate AND ring pops... YUM!

Fun that the Chevette is back on the road... and kind of amazing that it still runs! ;)