Spring Happenings

I just came back from getting Henna done on my very pregnant belly.  I also did this last time with my friend Launa.  Her little boy Quinton (see below) and Ty are 10 days apart and we are both pregnant again with our second babies.  I love both these designs!  Last time my henna lasted until I had Ty and after I had him I was remarking to Marc that a side effect of pregnancy that I didn't know about was that your belly button turns brown afterwards. Only later did I realize that all the henna had pooled inside and dyed my belly button.  ;)

We have been spending a lot of time outside lately and have had quite a few sunny days.  On Easter weekend we took Ty for a "chocolate walk." (His words.)  When he got up from his nap he was quite grumpy and Marc asked him if he wanted to go for a walk and find some chocolate. The whole time he was exclaiming, "chocolate walk, chocolate walk!"  Several times since he has asked to go on a chocolate walk.  Wouldn't we all love to go on a daily chocolate walk!
Ty had his first taste of chocolate recently and has been asking for it ever since!  The other day we were driving home and he found a chocolate loonie that I have had in the car for some time and was holding it in his car seat.  Not realizing it had chocolate inside he somehow opened it and took a bite.  The whole way home he was exclaiming to me - "Mama chocolate!! Mama chocolate!!"  He does come by his love for chocolate honestly as his father is definitely addicted to it!  Marc recently graduated to Lindt 99% cocoa chocolate and claims this is the best chocolate he has ever had.  I think he's 99% full of it. ;)
Ty was very happy to start finding chocolate on his walk and was thrilled to walk around with chocolate in one hand, finding chocolate with the other!
After finding all the chocolate we walked to the cemetery by our house and found a sunny spot where we have previously laid down to enjoy the sun.  Ty remembered and immediately laid down as soon as we got to the spot.

 Mmmmm chocolate face . . .

We have been thoroughly enjoying our window seat, especially this time of year as the cherry blossoms come out.  Ty has recently discovered his love of playing catch and particularly likes to do it laying down in the window seat.  I am all for any type of game that involves laying down, especially at this stage in my pregnancy.

Marc has taken Ty out quite a bit on his own lately, leaving me to sit on my butt diligently prepare the house for a new baby.  Ty has found the bike jumps on Little Mountain by our house and likes to jump off of them just like his daddy.  Thankfully not on his bike yet!  (And if his mother has her way he can start jumping them on his bike when he turns 18!!)
At Cultus Lake . .  .

We got Ty a new bike for his birthday and he and his friend Quinton went out for a ride last week.  Thankfully they haven't mastered the art of the kick bike yet and go nice and slow.  They were mostly interested in chatting back and forth in their own language peppered with the word BIKE!!

Check out the trampoline hair!!!
Lastly we saw 54 40 last week in Chilliwack.  We had great seats and went with some good friends.  54 40 sure knows how to put on a show!

The countdown is on, 37 weeks...!


shareen said...

This kid kills me. I just want to put him in my pocket and take him home with me.

So excited to see him (and potentially you guys...just a little) on Friday.

nolene said...

ooh i didn't know you got belly henna again! so sweet! my fave pic is ty with his trampoline hair! just LOVE your family :)

Lowell & Julie said...

HOW DID I MISS THIS POST??!!!!?! BELLY HENNA! Looks great again!! And I'm so glad you informed me earlier about the dye pooling in your belly button b/c I too thought it was a gross result of pregnancy. hehe :)

CHOCOLATE! Ty is DEFINITELY a member of the G fam! I would LOVE a regular chocolate walk!!

Oh my. So much cuteness!