Nana Papa and Reen Visit

Last weekend, Nana, Papa and Auntie Reen (or Shareen as us older folk like to call her) came to the Valley for a visit. Ty loves having visitors (as do we! Especially these ones of the laundry doing and lawn mowing variety) and we packed a lot into 3 days!
Ty spent a lot of time reading with Shareen and Papa.  He really LOVES our window seat!!!
He has also developed a fondness for goggles and sunglasses:

Marc and his parents took the dogs for a walk on Saturday.  What a beautiful weekend it turned out to be!!

Saturday evening we headed to Abbotsford.  We first stopped in at Dave and Andrea's for a tour of their new place. 

Afterwards we went to the reception for Marc's cousin Ryan and his new wife Kristy who recently got married in Mexico.  With the groom and his family:

Marc's cousins John and Renee:

The food and company were both excellent!!

On Sunday after church, Marc and his dad drove up to Vedder Mountain for Trail Day.  With all the volunteers and their various tools a new trail was formed in no time! (Picture on the right)

A great weekend was had by all!

I will sign off with some miscellaneous pictures and stories:

Ty in the desk that Bette and I refinished for him last year.  He looks so big and ready for school!  AHHHHH! (Well until you actually look at his drawings) ;)

Ty loves backhoes! (And most other forms of transportation -  trains, planes, helicopters, vans, trucks . . .you know the standard little boy fare) He however particularly loves backhoes.  There is some house construction happening on the backside of our Little Mountain and there has been a back hoe there maybe two or three times.  He calls this walk the back hoe walk and if the back hoe is not there he asks to turn around and go back home.  I went to Vancouver the other day to visit my friend Grace and we were stalled for quite a while in bridge construction.  Thankfully because of all the bridge construction there were MANY backhoes and Ty had quite the time pointing them all out.  And just when I thought there wouldn't be anymore we would round a curve and lo and behold there would be another one!!  I have never taken notice of so many back hoes in my life!!

And lastly a cautionary tale for those who live in rainy climates . . . Marc took Ty to the park by our house on this particularly rainy day and put him in his rain suit.  Ty has recently learned how to climb the ladder on the slide and asked Marc if he could go up. Ty climbed up and headed down slide, only to be airborne on the first bump and then again at the end where he landed on the grass and not the wood chips.  Note to parents:  Rain suit and wet slides don't mix!  hee hee

Next post might be a baby post!  This weekend is my due date!!


shareen said...

well now that I have showed these pictures to everyone in my office (I really am a ridiculous aunt) I should get to work. Until I decide to look at them again in about an hour.

Anonymous said...

Great to see your pictures. It looks like everyone had a really good time. Bette and I had a good time when she was here, too. Best wishes on that delivery, keep us posted! Love you lots, Auntie Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Some day I would like to visit, too. I'm really good at laundry (not so good with the grass!).
Auntie Cheryl

Haley said...

Thinking about you this weekend!! Hang in there, we can't wait to meet the newest Greidanus! I love the slide story. Finn had a slippery pair of pants around that age with a similar result - though it looks like Ty must have some sort of record :)

Lowell & Julie said...

I love how big Ty looks in the desk! And I'd like to see these drawings of his... have art mornings with Auntie Carlynne paid off? :)

Aaaaannnnnd, it's May 5th. Your due date. C'MON BABY G!!!!