And now actually introducing the newest member of our family . . .

Ezekiel Thomas born on May 7 at 3:30 pm.  He is a week old today and the past 7 days have flown by!  Just like Zeke's birth!!  I went into labour on Monday morning at 3am and the contractions were not very strong and far apart.  They stopped for a while in the morning and we went for a walk and then I made pancakes for lunch.  While catching up on the Amazing Race at 1:30 while Ty napped, the contractions all of a sudden got very strong and not far apart at all!  At about 3 we decided we should really get going to the hospital and between waking Ty up from his nap and finding clothes for me to wear, we left the house at 3:10.   By this time I was pushing in the car (and holding on to the holy ^%!@ handles for dear life).  Marc got to drive his Subaru to it's full capability, although I'm sure he didn't have as much fun doing it as he would have liked.  We basically threw Ty at our friend Launa (who thankfully lives on the way to the hospital) and Marc screeched down the road to the hospital.  He grabbed a wheelchair and rushed me up to maternity.  The nurses started asking us for our registration information when they realized things were a bit too urgent for that.  They wheeled me into the delivery room, I laid on the table and Zeke was born a minute later!!  This kid does things fast! 

We spent the rest of the day enjoying him, eating great snacks our friends brought and of course having fun with our visitors. 

Super cute hat made by Auntie Shareen

Ty quite likes his new baby brother and is happy to kiss and hug him and help me out.  He has had the occasional bought of jealousy but overall is very happy with baby "Neke."

I really felt that I would deliver on May 7, as I felt that I would also have Ty on March 17.  My grandpa died 2 years ago on May 7 and I felt it was fitting to have a new baby on the same day to complete the circle of life.  (There was an interesting article in the Globe and Mail this week about women "choosing" their due dates.
Zeke's first bath
While we were in the hospital our friends Brad and Launa and Quinton graciously kept Ty overnight.  This was Ty and Quinton's first sleepover and they thoroughly enjoyed it.  They stayed up until 9 pm(!!) talking and had a great time playing together. 

Welcome baby Zeke!  We love you so much already!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and God's blessings on this little boy! He is another charmer already!
With love, Janny Wisse

Lowell & Julie said...

WELCOME BABY ZEKE!! Can't wait to meet you in real life!!! :)

PS- Kylie, you're amazing.
PPS- Those pictures of Ty & Quinton are soooo cute!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a great post! He was a fast mover for sure. Congratulations and best wishes to your whole little family. I have been checking your site for days so this was exciting! Love from Auntie Cheryl

shareen said...

Awww, little "Neke", what a cutie. I'm so excited to come see you and give you snuggles in person instead of cyber-snuggles (hopefully soon!).

And for Ty...*insert-crazy-eye-popping-elephant-noise-here*

Shelley said...

YAY baby zeke! Good thing you didn't have him in the car on the way to the hospital. Pfew!