Anniversaries through the years

Marc and I celebrated our 11th anniversary on Saturday. Every year we reminisce about how have spent our anniversaries in years past and every year it gets harder to remember.  (Shocking, I know!!)  So this year I decided to help my memory for next year and write about our anniversaries for all to see.
We spent a lovely morning going to the Farmer's Market and then ventured to the spray park where we had a picnic.  We started going for a walk in a very lush park but soon retreated to a cement park because of all the mosquitoes.
Afterwards we went home, got a babysitter for Ty, left Zeke with a friend and drove to the Cactus Club for dinner.  Later we took Zeke to get some ice cream.  (Zeke had no interest in ice cream whatsoever, maybe I will have to wait to start solids?) ;) 

Sadly this is the only picture we took all day, in Cold Stone Creamery with Tim Hortons in the background. ;)
We were in Nampa, Idaho with my family and Marc and I went to a local restaurant for dinner.  We had some amazing food and literally licked the walnut vinaigrette off our plates. This was our tenth anniversary so we celebrated multiple times. (Our trip to Cuba was also a celebration of our ten years together).  We went out for a surprise dinner in Chilliwack (well surprise to me, not to Marc) and ordered a dessert taster plate from a restaurant we often frequent.  The taster plate came out with a box on it and I remember thinking well that is a funny way to plate a dessert.  Little did I know that Marc had come by earlier and gave them a box of diamond earrings to put on the plate.  Sneaky! Sneaky!

In Yellowstone, on our first road trip with Ty. We started out in Idaho and made our way to Yellowstone to meet Marc's parents.  Here we had a lovely dinner overlooking the river.

We had just found out we were pregnant with Ty.  We drove out to the Fraser Canyon for a bike ride.  Niko was walking like a crazy dog over the bridge.  There were holes all through the bridge and this totally psyched him out.  Later we went to Abbotsford for a dinner I know was very good but was hard for me to stomach with my newly acquired nausea. 

Our last year sans pregnancy or children.  We took the ferry to the Sunshine Coast and went on many hikes and stayed at a beautiful B and B right by the ocean.  I don't remember where we went for dinner but I do remember my skirt blowing up (from the wind, not explosives) ;) multiple times on the way.


After spending the morning in Nairobi, Kenya we boarded a matatu to the Kerio View Lodge on the edge of the great rift valley.  We ate A LOT of bacon, met some Masai warriors and enjoyed the beautiful views.
 We toured the Zoo in Langley for the day.  This was the last year of Marc's crazy hair days.  A scary panther roared at us.


This year we were in Golden for Marc's rural rotation.  We spent the summer exploring the area, and spent a lot of time at the top of Kicking Horse Mountain.  At the beginning of July I had just gotten back from Newfoundland and Marc surprised me by taking me to the top of the mountain in the gondola for a lovely lunch at the restaurant on top.  We finished the day taking the chair lift to view Boo the grizzly bear who subsequently escaped from his enclosure MULTIPLE times. I actually don't remember how we spent the day of our actual anniversary but we did eat at a local restaurant run by two dutchmen that was absolutely delicious! 
This is not an actual picture from our anniversary but it is from the top of Kicking Horse where we spent a lot of time that summer.

Marc and I had just moved to Chilliwack (we didn't even have possession of our house yet) and we stayed in a local B and B then went to Castle Fun Park to play mini golf!
Our second overseas trip together (first was backpacking in France).  We were in Uganda and splurged to go out to a fancy safari resort buffet for dinner.  We had a HUGE dinner then returned to our tent (we were poor students and had no money to stay at the safari lodge, just enough for dinner) and while crawling in in the dark we were assaulted by thousands of army ants.  Turning on the flashlight the floor of the tent was covered in ants ten deep!  We tried in vain to get them out and after I refused to sleep in our tent we found the owner of the hostel at midnight.  It was fully booked but someone had not shown up so we were very thankful to spend the night without our army ant friends.  The next day Marc woke up extremely sick (most likely from ALL the meat he ate) and while on the bus back to Kampala showered several bystanders with vomit from the bus.  Ewwww!

This was before the digital age and we have no photo documentation of the day spent at the Edmonton Zoo and the Cheesecake Cafe for dinner.  Marc took me on a surprise mountain bike ride through the river valley which ended at the zoo.  Marc learned not to take me on bike rides of undefined length.  You will have to imagine this one on your own.

The year I stole Marc from all his friends and lured him away to wedded bliss in Edmonton.

And many years of wedded bliss it has been!  Here's to many more!


Haley said...

Fun! My favourite was the ants and vomit in Uganda. I've never known Marc with that much hair. This post prompted Mike and I to try and recall all of our anniversaries (coming on 9 years next month), but we are missing the third and seventh.

Anonymous said...

Hey Marc and Kylie- impressive!! It is awesome that you have a special celebration every year and that you remember them and even have photos of most of them!! :)
Mum G

Anonymous said...

,,,,and i like your crazy hair!

Mum :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Kylie and Marc! Love, Janny Wisse

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

I am very impressed that you can remember all your anniversaries - We've only had three and I've already forgotten one of them! Congratulations to you - and many many more years of joy as well!


Lowell & Julie said...

This is inspirational! We have not been good at documenting our anniversaries, but NO MORE! We will now document the heck out of them! Happy Anniversary you two... you're one of the most awesome couples I know!! :)

Anonymous said...

This is such a great post. Such a good idea to document your anniversaries and what a memory, too. Looks like life is fun. You can follow the Warner's Aussie trip on their blog at warner6downunder@wordpress.com They are having a great time.
Aunt Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Can you send me your mailing address please? cpopples@sasktel.net