The beginning of July saw us voyaging to Cultus Lake for a few days with the VK's. When we first moved to Chilliwack we always scoffed at the locals who would head to Cultus Lake for camping in the summer.  And now after having done it a couple of times, we are converts.  Who wouldn't like a beautiful lake with densely forested campsites 30 minutes from your house?
 Patti scored an amazing spot right on the beach.  Sunshine, shade and a gorgeous view.  We had a great time talking, eating, playing in the water, reading and walking with Zeke around the campground.  (He was missing his swing.  He is a great sleeper in his bassinete during the night, the day . . . not so much.)  Ty also carved out some time in his schedule for an outdoor haircut.  (Bribed of course by a popsicle). 
Ty was supposed to be napping when we saw his little head peeking out the window.  So cute!

It is wonderful to see other people enjoying and caring for our sons.  Ty loved being with Mike and Patti and James and Kassi and was constantly asking where they were when they weren't around.  

We brought our kayaks out and they got A LOT of use.

Marc and I were able to get out each day.  So nice to camp with willing babysitters!

One day Chad and Ang brought out the boat and Mike, James and Marc were able to surf behind.  We have many shots on this blog of Chad sitting in the foreground with a surfer in the background. 

A lovely trip that hopefully will become an annual tradition!!

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Anonymous said...

This looks like so much fun! That camper looks like a really good idea. Nice to see all of you.
Love from Aunt Cheryl