bear creek beachfront

we love having big bessie loaded and ready for camping.  last week we made a last minute decision to return to bear creek on the east side of harrison lake.  it was easy to throw some groceries in the fridge, add a kayak and a stroller (and a baby swing!) and hit the road.  having a job that gives me weekdays off is a real vacation benefit.  there were only 2 other groups staying at the rec site the first night.  we snaked the sweetest spot.
ty can throw rocks in the water for hours.  being right on the beach was amazing.  we could watch him from the window while cooking breakfast...
or watch him from the table while eating breakfast!  kylie made some fantastic peach pancakes with fresh okanagan peaches.
our view was stunning, and the cool waters of harrison lake made an excellent counterpoint to the warm sunshine.

 one of the other groups at bear creek was a mother and daughter named victoria and capri.  they had travelled all the way from bowen island to camp on harrison lake.  it was fantastic to have a kid ty's age in the neighbouring site as a shared babysitting schedule emerged spontaneously.

 having our little rec kayak along was awesome.  kylie went out in the calm morning water, and i took ty for a few little paddles.  he was enthralled.

 from the water you can see how isolated and pristine our little piece of heaven was.
 harrison is known for serious winds, and in the afternoon i was able to paddle up the shoreline, then strike out into the lake and surf some big wave sets right back to our campsite.  i didnt trust myself to take pictures in the high wind.  the spray skirt came in extremely handy.

the cliffs on the downwind side of the site offered some nice climbing routes with a deep water exit.  i didnt attempt them by myself but would love to go back with brad or chris sometime.

both ty and zeke have taken to camping.  after a full day of beach play ty sleeps like a rock in his bed, and zeke seems better behaved when he is outside all day.  what an amazing spot.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the holiday! Love from Auntie Cheryl

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! My idea of camping paradise - loved the pic of Ty waving at Mommy in the kayak. Will see you soon. Love Mom/Cherri

Van Nguyen said...

HI there,
First of all, love all your pictures. It looked like a fun get away with your family :)
I am actually thinking about booking the site for our camping trip this summer. I have never been to Bear Creek before so I have no clue about the layout of the site. May I ask you what number is your spot? (They have like 40 spots at the rec site). From the picture it looked so closed to the water and still had shade at the back.
Thank you in advance!
Happy camping !

Unknown said...

thanks van. i think 9 and 10 are the two sites directly on the beach. not sure how booking works as it changes from year to year. when we were there it was first come first serve.