happy holidays!

 it's christmas time and the snow is finally flying in chilliwack.  ty and i made a sweet snow monster in our front yard.
 the people who built our house had a classic little lamppost placed in the front.  it highlights the snow very nicely.
 this year for the first time i mustered the energy to put up our christmas lights.  they give a great blue ambiance to our front porch.
 a few days ago we got to enjoy our family friends the vks.  all their kids are home for the holidays and the house was bustling.
 patti has a different approach to gingerbread houses than my mom.  it involves less gingerbread, but allows for much more freedom of expression.  kylie invented the cult of igor the hockey bear, a religion that lost sight of its roots, only to have igor the hockey bear rise from the dead to deliver retribution to his reprobate followers.
 matt constructed the eye of sauron in barad-dur.  so evil and yet so sweet.
 it turns out ty is a big fan of gingerbread houses.  big surprise there... the "candy house" did not last long.

 levi vk and i made it out to baker one more time to revel in their record snowfall.  our way home was slowed by a few trees that had fallen across the highway.  we were a bit annoyed, but not nearly as annoyed as anyone attempting to get to the hill the next morning.  apparently 100 trees fell across the hwy overnight and they had to close the entire hill... with record snowfalls... right before christmas.  glad we made it in time.

the snow was incredibly deep and light.  we quickly progressed to the double blacks.  not knowing the hill very well, we got stuck on the top of a few drops and chutes; but the snow was deep enough to feel safe picking up some real speed.
 finally i am happy to report that aaron and su have once again graced BC with their fabulous presence.
 we were able to host them for a short time before they continued on the train to alberta.  our window was short, but we were able to visit our local trails and our local river.

 aaron threatened to baptize su, but common sense won out.
 niko found one of the last rotting salmon, deep in the throws of its putrescence.  he managed to smear its grey goo all over his back and neck, which made for a great compliment to the screaming kids in the truck.
 it was great to see aaron again.  we have since followed him to alberta, and plan on meeting up for some toboganning, as well as new year's festivities at a cabin near the crowsnest pass.  looking forward to it.

merry christmas everyone!

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