Christmas and New Year's

We have had a wonderful Christmas holiday in Lethbridge this year with lots of visiting with family and some friends sprinkled in.We started the holiday off at Marc's family's house and for the first time in over 5 years everyone was home for Christmas. This is Ty's first Christmas actually eating candy and he has definitely cashed in big time with several gingerbread house festivities as well as Christmas candy everywhere! 
All the ladies and gents together for the first time at Christmas in a LOOONG time.  We seem to be adding more gents than ladies to the mix.  Hmmmmm

On Christmas Eve after making gingerbread we headed to church (where Ty held his first candle and Marc completely tuned out anything going on in the service while making sure Ty didn't light anyone's hair on fire) and then went caroling.  Unfortunately our caroling was cut short this year by a badly timed visit to a nursing home and a grinchy security guard but we did manage to get to one place.  Afterwards we put the kiddies to bed and started the Greidanus' gift and poem exchange. 

Bette reading her poem to me.  

The next morning, Ty came downstairs and found out that Santa had come and had listened to his request for a truck he could ride on. 


Santa also apparently forgot a box of Zeke's cheerios under the tree.  Silly Santa!

Later that day we headed to my mom's for a celebration with my side of the family.  Ty also wore his pajamas all day except for a brief stint at dinner.  His pajama pants also make a reappearance after dinner with his plaid shirt.  (See family picture in front of the tree below.)  With a Christmas dinner of m and m's and mashed potatoes ones pants get quite tight. ;)

Zekey with his signature look.  He looks so old here in his cute new outfit from Grandma. 

Look, he really can smile!!
Maria trying to make Zeke smile.
We spent the rest of the week enjoying time with family.  
Tickling cousins with Ty's new tickle mitts from Auntie Julie and Uncle Lowell.
Speaking of gifts, Ty got this great gift from Auntie Shareen that she made!  Our street is the same shape and there is even a river at the bottom of the hill.  All his friends houses are on it as well as church, school and the park across the street.  What a special gift!! 

Decorating cookies with Auntie Shareen

Marc and I also got out cross country skiing one afternoon on Henderson Lake.  We made our way around the lake on the ice and then Marc wanted to head across the lake one more time. I suggested heading to the large bump I saw about halfway across.  We were almost to the bump when it got up and ran away - a coyote!!

Later in the week we headed out to some cabins near Lundbreck in the Crowsnest Pass with some friends for New Years.

We played the sheet game (which we also played with Marc's family). Great fun!  And we didn't even wake up sleeping Silas upstairs.

The sun has set on 2012 and we are now looking forward to 2013!  What a wonderful year this year has been with the addition of Zeke and seeing Ty grow up even more.  Here's to many more blessings in 2013!

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Katherine said...

Looks like you had a great time with friends and family. We were sad to have missed out on the new year's celebrations with you guys, but alas, we enjoyed our nice quiet Christmas at home.
Much love to you and the family.