Spring has sprung

 My dad came for a whirlwind Easter weekend visit and the weather did not disappoint!  My dad has visited us in Chilliwack MANY times but right before this trip he informed me that it has never been sunny for an extended period of time that he has been here.  The most of the yellow orb in the sky he has seen here has been a couple of hours.  Well Mr. Sunshine heard this complaint loud and clear!  We had the most beautiful weekend in recent memory.

Grandpa arrived and we immediately head out the door for an Easter Egg Hunt.  Or chocolate walk as Ty affectionately calls it.

We ate Easter dinner on the deck that night and then the next day headed to this beautiful beach on the Fraser.  (Marc went kayaking here just a couple of days ago and this beach is gone.  The water has risen 3 or 4 feet this past week.)  Thankfully the last weekend it was around was BEAUTIFUL!

Both boys needed a bath after taking in all that sand.  Ty posing for Grandpa.  Zeke doing his best Zeke impersonation for Grandpa.  He's pretty good at it. ;)

Zeke tried spaghetti when Grandpa was here and loved it.  He didn't get nearly as dirty as I was expecting!

Last day of Grandpa's visit.  Zeke looks suitably impressed . . .

Happy (very belated!) Easter everyone.

I also wanted to add some recent pictures of another beautiful day in Vancouver that we had with our friends Shawn and Karyn and their little boy Lukas. 
Ty ans Lukas got along very well, evidenced by their goodbye kiss. ;)
After we said good bye to Shawn and Karyn we headed to Science World.  Ty loved it and there was even toys for Zeke.

Ty's favourite toy at Science World was this tube.  The tube pictured here was a vacuum and when you put a ball into it the ball is sucked up, flies through the air to the platform above which is filled with water.  It then goes down a water slide and ends up in a pool at the bottom.  The kids can pull the balls out of the bottom pool then put them in the tube.  Ty loved this!!  He spent a good 30 minutes doing it before we had to pull him away.  It was so cute to watch him earnestly wait his turn with his ball clutched eagerly in his hand waiting to put it in to the tube and watch as it shot up in to the sky.  I was enthralled with watching him!!

And I wanted to end with this picture as an addendum to Marc's above post.  When my Dad was here we were going through pictures that my aunt Tammy had made into a book for my Granny and Gramp's 60th anniversary. We came across this little gem of my Dad's Great Uncle Henry failed river crossing.  Marc can relate! ;)  What follows is the poem that was written to commemorate the occasion!  Love it.  Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Haha! I had just buzzed through the pictures in this blog. Today I had time to sit and read it. What a fun filled Easter and Grandpa visit you had. I can just see Ty waiting, then joyfully putting the ball in the hose. Then Henry's experience. Hits close to home for Marc for sure, and even enhances story!! Haha!
Mum :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, so great to see your pictures and read your text. Sounds like your family has so much fun. The kids are sure growing and look so happy. Love you. Aunt Cheryl