Auntie Freen Visit

This may be the last time that I am able to type Auntie Freen while it is a verbalized name.  Ty is very close to saying Auntie Shareen so Auntie Freen may be a thing of the past.  This makes me a little sad as I quite enjoy Auntie Freen.  (I do however enjoy Auntie Shareen too!)
Shareen came out to visit us last week and while we were quite busy (watching the Katie Perry documetary - it's awesome! and going out for breakfast and dinner and heading to the river and going to Walmart) we failed to document much at all besides the children.  Thankfully they are quite cute.

 Playing at the river.  We 4 x 4ed across the river and in true Chilliwack style had a picnic on the beach. (True Chilliwack style would have included beer but we had extra large donuts so we get some partial street cred.)

 Zeke loves to eat rocks (and sand and wood chips and toilet water and toilet paper and cigarette butts).  He is so fast at stuffing anything and everything into his mouth.  You look away for a second and his mouth if full!

 Ty really enjoys playing under the blanket right now.  He really likes to make a fort of some sort then whisper and talk underneath about monsters and make scary faces.  I remember doing this quite often as a kid under the brown, yellow, orange and red knitted blanket that my Grandma Stewart made.  The green blanket here was crocheted by Shareen for us right after we got married.

 Just chillin'!

This is the only picture that I have of Ty sleeping.  Isn't that crazy! After Shareen took it and showed it to me I realized I am very much a sleep ogre who will allow no one near my children with any sort of device with flashing lights past 7:00.  I will have to remedy this with Zeke.  Sleeping children are adorable! It must be documented that they were still and silent at certain times of the day!

This is a very stream of conciousness post!  Thanks Shareen for the great visit and for the FIRST PICTURE OF MY CHILD SLEEPING!!!!


Anonymous said...

That was fun to read. I would like to visit Chilliwack some time. Seems we have quite a few relates there! Nice Shareen could visit and I am sure you did have fun :-)! Love you lots, Aunt Cheryl

shareen said...

Awwww, but I love being "Auntie Freen"! And while I love the sleeping picture of Ty, where's his inaugural dressing room shot? :)

Anonymous said...

I remember my Mom telling me when I was a teenager... "You were such a good little boy, especially when you were sleeping!" Ty does look like a little angel.