The Joys of Blogging

Marc and I have been discussing recently how even though we enjoy writing for all of you who read here, our blog is mainly for us (and our families of course). We have had our blog for just over two years now and we quite enjoy going back in our archives. I was just looking at what we were up to last year at this time. We were just getting into the swing of things in Kapsowar, feeling more normal and saying goodbye to the first Sudanese interns. Marc has this extremely informative, well written post about our friends Ajack and Jacob that was penned a year ago this week. Two years ago I was having major laundry issues, thankfully I have progressed in this area and have moved beyond laundry meltdowns. There are so many small experiences that we have that get lost in our memory abyss as time passes and our blog has really helped us to remember small details and experiences and to see where our thought process was at.

Through the advent of technology our future children and grandchildren and beyond will have the ability to go back and read and see what their grandparents were up to. (That is unless some new supertechnology comes about that renders the internet useless). I have seen very few pictures of my great grandparents and while I have many more of my grandparents I do not have access to their personal writings. If I had the opportunity to read and see what they were thinking and doing I would be quite interested as it would give an insight into popular culture at the time as well as help me get to know them a better.

So ....Hello future grandchildren! I hope you think Grandpa and I are hip and cool and you really wish you could have known us when we were younger. However, Grandma thinks you should unjack your brain from the consul and jump back into reality! ;)


Lowell & Julie said...

To quote Mom and Dad: "WE need grandchildren before THEY can have grandchildren!"

hee hee:)

diana said...

I love your Mormons Exposed blog. No one out here gets it. But I laughed my ass off. "Jackass mormon" ass that is. First it's ok to drink coke and then.... well well well. x

tyrnandkelsey said...

I hope my grandparents aren't into naked mormons.
- Ty