Do we really live here?

Marc and I have been enjoying the beautiful weather here in Chilliwack the past few days and yesterday while we were walking (well walk/running Niko, Marc did more of the running and I did more of the walking but I did run a few hills. UGH!) Niko at Cultus Lake I exclaimed to Marc that it is so amazing to live in such a beautiful place. Places like Cultus Lake used to be vacation spots for my family growing up and it is so nice to be able to walk out our door and drive 20 minutes to beautiful destinations. (Sorry Lethbridge you are beautiful but your flat, brown lands do not really compare to lovely lakes surrounded by green lush vegetation. You do beat Chilliwack in the wind area though!)

Our friends Colin and Christine and family came to visit us yesterday and we had a fun walk to the park and a great visit.
After our walk at Cultus we came home and decorated the cupcakes left over from lunch for our small group.
It's getting to be summer and Marc is adopting his favourite warm weather attire. (i.e no shirt)
A pig for our friend Chad the pig farmer.
And the froggies, whose real life counterparts are starting a cacaphone of croaks with all the excess water at Island 22.


Unknown said...

mmmm... cupcakes and beautiful places.
Good to see you aren't taking them for granted.

Oh, and marc, have you been working out? *grin*

Anonymous said...

I like your rug - but it looks MUCH better in my place.:)

Love Mom

Unknown said...

I would have to disagree Mom I really like it in my place! But it did look nice in yours too!
Love Kylie

shareen said...

I have to agree, often I can't belive that I live here...the flowers, the greenery - it feels like a different world. But I'm still a prairie girl at heart, I think I always will be. :)

Anonymous said...

I will always be a prairie boy, but it certainly is nice living on a mountain with all the greenery and trees!