Sister Weekend

I spent the past weekend in Victoria with my three lovely sister in laws and I just sent these pictures to Julie and was reminded of what a fun weekend we had.

On Friday night we went out for fish and chips on the pier and had fun taking pictures of each other and asking Craig to take multiple shots of the four of us.

On Saturday while Julie was at a speech therapy conference (where she aced her test with 100%!) Carlynne and Shareen and I did a bit of shopping in downtown Victoria.

On our travels we saw a Violence Against Women protest entitled "Walk a mile in her shoes" (or something like that) where a large group of men were walking a mile in high heels. I must say some of them were quite nimble!!

This picture is very reminicent of a picture of Carlynne and I from Lamu.
Why is it that when girls get together they have to first make themselves look crazy in the name of beauty?

As I said, for the most part this weekend I had a great time but I do look a bit disturbed in these pictures don't I? Marc's sisters will do that to you. ;)


H said...

Good to see you getting sister time. There is nothing like it. I laughed harder with mine than we have in years. It was so wonderful. Looks like you are settling!?

Anonymous said...

Kylie I just read your cute little sister blog post. I really need to get the whole email blog thing set up so I can read your more consistantly!