Signs, Signs, everywhere the signs . . .

I have been going through the ridiculous amount of pictures we took on our trip, finding some to enlarge, some to order and some to delete (although not enough considering we still have 21 667 pictures on our computer.) While browsing the plethora of photographs, I noticed a lot of sign pictures we had snapped on our travels. Here they are blocking the scenery, breaking my mind . . .

In the Netherlands, I look a little too happy seeing as my hand is very close to dog doo.
Thankfully this sign confused the Germans too!
I wonder if there are free eggs and bacon down this street, especially considering breakfast in Norway is soooo expensive.
We bought some of this for Marc's sister Julie (who has just embarked on a year of living in New Zealand with her hubby Lowell!) The Julie jelly is fluorescent yellow and we are happy that the Ugandan marketers thought of Julie when they created their campaign. Ooohh Julie, so soft, so natural so JULIE!!!!
Not really sure what I can purchase here at the Fireman's Catalogy in Kampala, Uganda but I do know that Gloria know no fire!!! And that is what matters most.
I think this club will be on my list of places not to miss the next time I am in Cairo.
This sign was made all the more real by all the gunshots I was hearing in the background. FYI...Hunting days in Cyrpus: Wednesdays and Fridays.
Glad we don't have these laws in Canada because I dumb my dog here all the time. Niko loves it! Stay tuned next week for Signs Part II.

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Lowell & Julie said...

Hehe, fun post. I'd love to see you dumb your dog!

Love & miss you guys!!