mister multiple miniscule molten motes

last night we arrived back in holland after a long weekend in sunndalsor, a small fjordial norwegian town, with our good friend fraser as our guide. it has been over a year since we have seen him and the four days in trondheim and three days in sunndalsor passed too quickly.

we embarked on a nice snowy hike on saturday to explore the fjord, as much as you can explore a 40km winding waterfilled rocky snow covered chasm in one day.

kylie, being the shortest one with the stretchiest pants, encountered some difficulties but pushed through it to survive without injury despite multiple falls.

after saying goodbye to fraser we caught the night train at one am, to arrive in oslo bright and early at 6:00 after a couple hours of sort of sleep in a train seat. with the help of a lot of coffee we had a look around oslo for the day before catching the late evening flight back to amsterdam.

this is the vikingskipshuset which houses 3 excavated viking longships that were used as tombs.

oslo is a beautiful city with numerous statues and monuments. they seem to have quite a fixation on nudity for such a cold country.

from the main chamber of olso´s radhus, or city hall, where the nobel peace prize is awarded every year.

norway has the strongest currency in the world and in oslo we bought our only restaurant meal in our entire time in the country. this is kylie´s $18 belgian waffle before she has even taken a bite. my meal was a bit more substantial but also substantially more expensive. we were thankful for the hospitality of fraser´s supervisor and family, as well as for our cabin kitchen in sundalsor where we made pasta and tikki masala and copious quantities of tea and hot chocolate.

now we are once again in soest but are heading to london tomorrow to see our friend diana. the final leg of our journey! in less than a week we will be back in canada. crazy! we are not yet ready to quit travelling but on the flip side we are excited about going home.


Sneep Family said...

Hey! This is Jill (Schuld) Sneep. It sounds like you guys have been having an amazing time! I'm so jealous! We went to Europe for a month a few years ago and loved it! I can imagine the stories and pictures you have! Have fun in the last week of your trip! God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures and post. Looking forward to your return to Canada, and specifically to Lethbridge, soon. The price of food is reasonable at our house!
Love, Dad G.

Stephen and Amber said...

Thanks for the comment, I will pass on the birthday greetings to Stephen!

The next time we plan to be in Canada is for Chryslyn's wedding in the middle of July, so still awhile.

I can't believe you are coming home Monday! It has been fun so both of us to follow your adventures on your blog. Safe travels on this home stretch!

Anonymous said...

I think the statues are all naked in Norway because it's too cold out for anyone else to be...