Big Girl (You are Beautiful!)

As some of you know I have quite the penchant for poppy tunes. Usually this causes embarassment, particularly when I post it for all the world to see. (Multiple times, #9 meets my poppy criteria. ) While we were in Israel I first heard this song and it hit all the right notes in my brain. ;) We then heard this song again in Europe as well as several more by the artist named Mika and I must say I feel like I have died and gone to pop heaven when I listen to all of his music. We weren't sure if he was popular or not in Canada but we haven't heard him here yet and according to my pop culture expert - my dad, he is not big here yet. (Yes it is odd that my father is my pop culture expert but he does teach high school.) So to help Mika on his trans-Atlantic journey I am posting this great video for all to see.

In other news, we have arrived safely back in Canada (how can you tell we are no longer travelling, instead of pictures of sites, I am posting videos) and in many ways we feel like nothing has changed. Lethbridge looks the same (shocking I know!) and we are finally getting over our jet lag today. In fact we are off for a run now. . . Here are some pictures for those of you who are already going through travel picture withdrawl. (We will post some of our families soon, we just have to take some that don't involve my brothers butt!)
In the plane on the way home. We got upgraded to Economy Plus because they didn't have seats for us together. We traded with the lady beside Marc and our big comfy seats with lots of leg room made the flight fly by. (Oh I am so witty.)

It has been a long four months travelling with one other person and I am starting to get aggravated by Marc. ;)

Oh Alberta how flat you are.

Marc decided he needed a new cut for a new country. It's growing on me but not on him. hee hee

Lastly we did not have a picture of Nick in our last post. Thanks so much for your hospitality you two!!!
Off for a run in the windy Lethbridge coulees.


Unknown said...

Nice head Marc. Very shiny and smooth. =) (I know the women in your life are having a hard time adjusting to the skinhead look, but I thought you needed a little brotherly support!)

As for the Mika song... When I first listend to this album I blasted that song in our condo for Julie as she was getting ready for work. I am sure the neighouts were wondering about us. *smirk* (and I do not think julie was too flattered...)

See you guys tomorrow!

Mama Bear said...

aww...welcome home guys!!!~

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that video. My roomie has the CD but I hadn't seen the video. Mika makes me smile. Sometimes when we are cooking we play it loud in the kitchen and that usually results in us dancing around the kitchen and singing into wooden spoons.

Karyn Clemens said...

I love Mika! He's not big here, but I did hear one of his songs in Best Buy just before Christmas! I hadn't seen that video yet, so thanks for posting :) I might actually have to go out and buy the album now.
Glad to see you're home safe and sound.