kylie still wants to tell you all about the people we have seen in canada, but i just wanted to mention one in particular.

jarrid is a good friend on ours who just happens to be the manager of the bungee jumping outfit in west ed.

this is me!

thanks jarrid.
today we head to revelstoke to pick up niko!


shareen said...

it's funny how as soon as I heard the sounds of the waterpark (the echoing screams, the horn for the waves, kylie screaming?) I was transported back there...it's almost as if I could smell the chlorine and feel the chunks of skin being ripped from my shoulder-blades and I ripped down the Sky Screamer.

Maybe one day I'll have the courage to bungee jump...maybe.

Lowell & Julie said...

Marc, you're crazy. Lowell & I were at West Ed today & tried to spot Jarrid but did not. Maybe next time...and then perhaps I'll try bungee jumping? Nah...