Who wouldn't love Belgium?

Belgium has very interesting, bright, multicolored and trippy modern architecture everywhere. It is an excellent mix of old (1300-1900) and new and is paralleled by the new, yet old (and awful!!!!) 80's fashions that are coming back into style.

This building gave a light show at night and would alternate between these lovely rainbow colours and a crazy purple lightshow. At the main square in city centre where we ate ice cream, waffles and chocolate. But wait . . . I am getting ahead of myself.
PLEASE PLEASE tell me that this is only the fasion in Europe and no one in Canada is wearing these absolutely ridiculous colours and outfits.
We walked through this park and were very perplexed by these trees. Our theory is that they have pruned the tree and then made the grid in between to encourage a two dimensional fence tree. We really want to see a picture of what it looks like in the summer. Any other ideas?
One of the best things about Belgium was the lovely and hospitable Germans who brought us right to the train station to see us off. This was on our last day with Sonja and Christian when we drove (210 km\hr!!) to a smaller town outside Koln to explore.

Lastly the main reason to love Belgium is the CHOCOLATE!!!! It is so tasty and creamy and just generally all around deliciously decadent. We ate A LOT of chocolate in our day and a half in Belguim along with our waffles and ice cream. Thankfully we have also been doing a lot of walking so we don't have anything to show for it yet!
Yes this is a store with large bowls of bulk chocolate, and this was only one of three sections!
We have arrived in Norway and have spent the day hanging out with Fraser!! We will keep you posted on our journeys in the land of ever changing weather. We experienced three separate blizzards and two lovely sunny days today!


shareen said...

the chocolate is making me drool...and remember, europe is generally a season ahead of north america in fashion trends - get ready to be coveting those very items when you come home! :)

c-haynes said...

I've been seing these retro 80's crazed girls walking around vancouver with way too much makup. The guys are all into skinny tight leg pants too...hopefully the stirup pants aren't next.