too much for one post

i am sorry that we not been keeping you as informed as you have become accustomed. there has just been too much going on lately, and we have been staying with friends, which has the combined effect of giving us less free time and also less desire to sit in an internet cafe and recount our adventures.

previously we were staying in soest, netherlands, with arjan's parents rob and esther. after resting with them for a week or so we journeyed to amsterdam and stayed with our new friends bart and sanne. unfortunately we once again forgot to take a good picture of them, but bart took us on a sweet bike tour of amsterdam (kylie only hit one person) and to a few local pub/restaurants.
some friendly soestian equinarians. soest was a great place to rest. the city is layed out like many dutch cities with each square of houses (pretty high density) arrayed around their own park. most lots are only accessible by road on one side, with the inside space being bike/pedestrian access only. all these areas are connected by an efficient network of bike lanes running alongside or entirely independant of the motorways. amazing urban planning.

canal shots in amsterdam. this city is so beautiful, but we could never live there b/c nobody in the city centre has any yardspace at all.

now we are in köln germany, or cologne in english.... famous for the water of cologne, used to mask bad odours. incidentally it doesnt smell very good.
german wildlife.

we are staying with our friends sonja, christian and jonas. they are providing amazing hospitality and showing us a fantastic time in köln. we have accompanied jonas (3) on bike rides
received a tour of city hall where sonja and christian were married.
and played in multiple parks... we are a bit unsure of what we are not allowed to do. we're pretty sure we arent allowed to roast pigs, or perhaps cats. and not allowed to wear helmets and climb ladders? help us out here!

köln is also home to the dom, above, the biggest cathedral in germany. we climbed to the top of the tower and frolikd in da glockenspiel.

today we all went to the chocolate museum where we learned about history, life cycle, manufacturing, branding, advertising and yes even taste of chocolate.
jonas loves chocolate.
sonja also loves chocolate... eat it quick before mom gets it!
i also quite like chocolate and milka in particular, but am slightly distrusful of lilac cows.

tomorrow we say goodbye to our friends and head to brussels, belgium. i am particularly excited about all the brussel sprouts.


shareen said...

you went to the milka factory? I am actually shaking with envy...when I was in austria you could buy the 500g milka bars for about $2cdn and I lived on copious amounts of chocolate - fruit and nut was my favorite because of course I tried them all. Did you find a favorite?

Lowell & Julie said...

I've been talking to Sonja via snail mail and email... but give her a big Canadian hug from me okay? And hello to Christian & Jonas of course too!

Carlynne said...

Jonas is soooooo big and cute. Give a big hello to Sonja and Christian from me. I would be delighted if they could come to the wedding! I was at that same chocolate museum and Ashley and I ate chocolate for lunch all week. Are you guys having coloured eggs for breakfast too? Those Cologne memories were such nice memories. I can't wait until you guys come home a JUST A FEW WEEKS!! (I also can't wait until I am done surgery. I hate it! Just four more weeks....)