arjan's house

many of our readers know arjan and i am sure you will be excited to see his new house (or condo as we would call it in canada). he has embarked on major renovations and we arrived just in time to see the end result.

the spacious bedroom

the fancy kitchen, custom made in germany (the drawers close themselves and all the appliances are hidden)
warm livingroom with a great view and a big comfy couch on order.

arjan's canadian corner

and finally, the highlight of the home... the bathroom, featuring in ceiling speakers and dimmable lights.
highlight of the highlights: designer 4 head shower!

sweet place arjan. thanks for the hospitality!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful place Arjan! I think the highlight of the home is is the designer- himself!
Mum :)

tyrnandkelsey said...

Nice! Can we book a room for new years next year? Sweet shower! ;)