istanbul to amsterdam (to soest to utrecht)

Marc and I are currently in Soest, Netherlands. We are staying with our friend Arjan´s parents, Rob and Esther and we sure are enjoying their warm Dutch hospitality and the wonderful soup and raisin buns. mmmmm We arrived here on Sunday after four very busy days in Istanbul. We feel like we missed a lot but still got a good feel for the city.

Blue or Sultan Ahmet mosque

Topkapi Palace

Aya Sofia

Istanbul Nightlife

Topkapi Dagger stored in the Treasury at the Topkapi Palace. And yes that is a real emerald! We also saw John the Baptist´s skull encrusted with jewels. ummmmm

Here are some pictures from the Netherlands too:

Arjan the tour guide


Lowell & Julie said...

Great pictures! When are you going to Germany/Sonja's? I'm more than a little jealous :)

Anonymous said...

Love the Pictures. I too am alittle jealous.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama