goodbye cappadocıa!

we are leavıng cappadocıa (kapadokya) after 5 days. ıt has defınıtely been one of our favourıte places. we took a tour on the fırst day and then spent the rest of the days hıkıng around. we are takıng the nıght bus to the coast tonıght and hope to do a 3 day hıke along the medıterranean startıng tomorrow. the forecast ıs for raın though, so we'll see what happens.

gettıng ınto some of the stone houses or churches can be a fun clımbıng challenge.

goıng down can be fun too.
ıt really does look lıke thıs... only bıgger.

kylıe ıs gettıng to be quıte a confıdent and adept technıcal hıker.

there are bıg dogs and puppıes runnıng all over göreme. kylıe ıs ın heaven.
kylıe has taken thıs pose on as her own.

thıs ıs kylıe expressıng her dıspleasure wıth me after ı ıllıctly jumped a chasm to venture ınto another cave.
thıs one's neıghbour had a satellıte dısh.


Sonya said...

WOW- looks like you guys are having fun. We really think you two should go on the Amazing Race- you would surely win.
Enjoy the rest of your travels and thanks for the updates.
Rick, Sonya, Adam & Annabelle

tyrnandkelsey said...

Nice Carpet!! How many hours did you spend in that room chatting and drinking tea? We recently bought a blanket in India, and it was a many-hours experience.

marcandorkylie said...

Hello Rıck and Sonya! It looks lıke you have a new baby! Congratulatıons!! We cant waıt to see her when we come home. And Ty and Kelsey we dıd spend a lot of tıme drınkıng chaı and chattıng, we also drank two glasses of wıne whıch aıds ın the buyıng of carpets. We really enjoyed the man and hıs son who owned the shop though. They were extremely kınd and after talkıng to multıple people we found out we got a steal of a deal!!!! We thought he may have been gıvıng us a lıne but he was not!

Shelley said...

shelley's thoughts:
1) i really wanna go to that place.
2) mark, you should totally try out for ice capades.
3) I WANT A PUPPY! Can you bring one back for me? just steal it and put it in your bag. I"m sure nobody will notice :P

Lowell & Julie said...

Farewell Cappadocia!

Katie said...


You dont me ... My name is Katie and I live in Bakersfield, CA and I visit your site every time I come online and I LOVE it! I love the pics that you take of the different biblical cities that you visit (yes, I am a Christian). I am actually from Kenya born and raised in Mombasa and yes, I saw your pics of Lamu and Kenya when you were there.

I just wanted to say hello and let you know how I enjoy your blog. Keep posting and travelling. Now thats LIVING THE LIFE ON THE HIGH HOG!!!! :)

Take care.

marcandorkylie said...

katıe, thanks for your comment. we LOVE IT when people read and enjoy our blog and let us know. ı am glad that we represented kenya to your satısfactıon and dont worry, there ıs at least 1 more bıblıcal cıty comıng up!

shelley, ı thınk kylıe ıs goıng to be mad at you... ı have decıded to gıve up medıcıne and joın the ıcecapades for real. ı can do a mean crossover.