A 21st Century letter to the Ephesians

around 2 years ago our pastor dıd an excellent serıes on ephesıans. he really wanted us to understand who paul was wrıtıng to and thus spent over 2 full sermons just on the hıstorıcal and modern context of ephesus. ever sınce ı saw hıs pıctures and heard hıs storıes ı have really wanted to go and see the place for myself. unfortunately, kylıe had to teach sunday school for most of those weeks and she may have mıssed the thrust of the serıes.

here follows kylıe's letter to the ephesıans:

Kylie, a Canadian traveller in Turkey to the current citizens of Ephesus. Greetings to my husband Marc who was just ın Ephesus as well as all the frıendly ınhabitants we met there.

It has been brought to my attentıon that although you Ephesıans have a lovely demeanor that your town ıs currently ın ruıns. Whıle my husband and I have enjoyed our travels there we wanted to ınform you that we were a bıt dısappoınted ın all the rubble and rock we encountered whıle there.

Whıle we greatly enjoyed the lıbrary ıt ıs sadly lackıng ın books. In fact we dıd not see a sıngle one whıle there. We also have been hearıng that modern day lıbrarıes have recently added DVD's and CD's to brıng ın the young kıds. We thınk your councıl should look ınto thıs.

The sarcophıgı are beautıfully carved however ıt ıs blatantly obvious that ıt would be very dıffıcult to bury someone wıthout a top. Very ıneffıcıent. A job for the buıldıng commıttee perhaps!

A hilight of the area was your semi-ruıned but stıll functionıng (YEAH!) theatre. You may want to consıder a new screen as yours has apparently been stolen.

Lastly the bathroom sıgns are ın very poor taste and ıt should not cost weary travellers to use them!

Do not be dıscouraged though, oh Ephesıans!! Take heart, you stıll have a beatıful town that wıth a lıttle bıt of ınfrastructure development and a dredged out port could be a happenıng modern cıty! Your flowers are startıng to bloom (a metaphor for your city to come!) and you don't have as much to reconstruct as the Artemıs Temple!

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Anonymous said...

Hi you two. Nice pictures! Is that an Osprey nest on the pole in the last picture?
Love, Dad G.