london is WICKED

we are currently staying with our friends diana and nick in london. diana is a mad scientist. we were privileged to visit her at her prestigious london lab.

after feeling signifigant solidarity with diana at work, kylie is thinking of taking up a career as a mad scientist as well. she is already half way there... now she just has to become a scientist. (note the other scientists; this lab is so prestigious that their hiring is limited purely to juvenile geniuses and midgets)

the closest of many lovely fields behind nick and diana's house.

yesterday we wandered around central london. kylie is already practicing for her new career.
thank you miss phillipines.

we spent the afternoon at the london science museum. seriously fun stuff and absolutely free. this was taken with a thermal camera. those are NOT my hand prints on kylie.
this is a representation of the amount of (mostly derelict) satellites currently orbiting the earth.
here is kylie looking slightly surprised at her somewhat lewd bubble.

a 6 second video featuring the creation of the above bubbles.

finally and most excitingly for kylie, last night we went to see the musical "wicked" in london's westend. it was, in a word, wicked. the singing and stagecraft was incredible, and the script, while departing signifigantly from the plot of the book by gregory maguire, was hilarious.
kylie anticipating.
i found this picture online that someone must have taken illegally from our exact seats! i am not big on musicals, but this one was seriously good.

this picture is for fraser. remember, roken is dodelijk.

nick and diana have been treating us very well, and we are excited about another 2 days with them. after that we will be back in lethbridge in 3 days!!! aaaaaaahhhh!!!!!

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Sparks said...

Right those aren't your hand prints.