100 things

(I wrote this a couple of weeks ago during Marc’s crazy weekend on call (see a few posts below with the picture of a leopard) and did not post it, so I am doing so now.)
So tonight Marc is on call and has been gone all day too and I am getting a little bored. I have read a lot today, baked a lot and tonight I am at a loss for things to do. I have not missed the TV at all here in Kapsowar but tonight I could do with a little channel flipping. Instead I will write a list of 100 things about me. I took this picture because I could not find a fun graphic of 100 and then realized that 100 is backwards, oops!

1. I love...
2. reading
3. sleeping in
4. cherry blossoms in spring
5. squeezing blackheads (weird I know, especially because I like ones that are not my own and weird as well that it is #5 on the list of things I love)
6. a chilled bottle of white wine (can you tell I’m deprived here in Kapsowar?)
7. sunny days in Chilliwack
8. documentaries
9. poppy music with wonderful major chords
10. kisses from Niko (and Marc too for that matter)
11. coffee with cream
12. traveling
13. hiking up mountains that aren’t too steep
14. cooking (never thought that one would make the list 5 years ago)
15. a bath before bed
16. gummy bears
17. flannel sheets in winter time
18. dark chocolate
19. Ricki’s (not the restaurant, the clothing store)
20. sitting in Chapter’s with a stack of magazines
21. the smell of a new book
22. hanging out with friends over a beer or glass of wine or even a water for that matter
23. decorating for Christmas
24. new experiences
25. feeling like I accomplished a lot in a day
26. seeing the light in my students eyes when a concept clicks
27. a clean house

28. Things I DISLIKE:
29. cleaning of any sort
30. being bored
31. doing dishes (I love the cooking part just not the cleaning up after)
32. black coffee
33. fingernails scraping on a chalkboard
34. when Niko rolls in smelly fish
35. a sore back
36. the phone (sorry mom)
37. when I am unmotivated
38. driving at night
39. cleaning the counter with a dirty cloth
40. opening cans of cold food that are supposed to be hot

41. The things that REALLY bug me are:
42. GWB
43. fridge smells
44. taking out the garbage
45. LAUNDRY (this is not considered cleaning, I have put it in a separate category because I hate it so much)
46. when you run out of hot water before your bath is over then you are even colder than you were when you started
47. Vancouver traffic
48. The Calgary and Edmonton Sun (Is the Sunshine girl and boy really news people?)
49. when my blowdryer doesn’t work
50. the smell of turpentine (this may be because I just painted my office here and was shut in a small room with just me, the paint and turpentine for two days)
51. when Marc is on call
52. waiting in line
53. bug bites that swell
54. when people tell me that they have a secret about something and then refuse to tell me what it is (my brother is especially annoying at this)
55. when Marc doesn’t answer a question that I asked him because he is thinking about something else (this happens often and aggravates me to no end)
56. many days of rain in Chilliwack

57. Some other interesting (or not) facts...
58. I used to hate the word vehicle (I think because it sounds so harsh) and Marc used to walk around repeating vehicle vehicle vehicle vehicle vehicle just to bother me and then it would get in m head and I would walk around saying vehicle vehicle vehicle vehicle and get very aggravated with myself
59. I used to practice piano for up to two hours a day in junior high and high school
60. I recently read Sophie’s World and loved it. I now consider myself an amateur philosopher. ;)
61. I hate old fashioned Christian romance novels (Sorry Julie!)
62. I used to think my first impressions of people were generally correct but recently have been QUITE wrong about some people so am having to re-think my first impressions of others.
63. My politics have swung from just right of centre to quite left wing in recent years (no I am not a communist yet)
64. I sometimes make up answers to questions that I don’t know that answer to when I am teaching (I am learning my lesson though, I once told a student that Neptune was blue because it was made of water, which I corrected but the next year I taught his brother and he told me that his brother had told him why Neptune was blue . . . ) Oops!
65. I have scoliosis
66. I was co-grad chairman in high school (it was the first and only time there was a virtual tie for the position)
67. I loved high school and thought that life could not get much better. Boy was I wrong!
68. Marc and I can kick some serious ass at Taboo and Guesstures
69. I am not very athletic, although I recently have gotten into running and hiking and am really enjoying them!
70. I kicked a hole in the wall once when my mom told me I had to practice piano (see line # 59 for the reason)
71. I always knew I would be a teacher but always thought I would be a grade one teacher. Then I figured out that I had to teach them how to read. Grade 5/6 is still my favourite grade(s) to teach. They can read, work independently, but they still like their teacher and are willing to learn.
72. Junior high students scare me (even after teaching them for a year, although they do scare me less in some ways but more in others!)
73. I know that a lot of people read our blog from Calgary but cannot for the life of me figure out who you are. (I know who two of you are but not 15!)
74. Marc and I dated in grade ten and then broke up until after high school. I apparently told him we had to “cool it.” I really don’t remember this but he has a very vivid memory of it and cannot stand to watch “The Client” because we watched it that night.
75. Last night I had a dream that I was on “Trading Spaces” with Angelina Jolie. She was my partner and we were re-doing Shelley’s room. We finished early and were talking on the couch and I told her that I thought her son (a baby, I don’t think she has a baby son though) would be a stoner when he grew up. I told her I knew this because of the way his hair was cut. (Where do I get this from?)

76. People often call me...
77. Crazy
78. Easy-going
79. Weird
80. Confident
81. Amusing
82. (the other stuff is behind my back and will not be reported here)

83. Other useless trivia:
84. I cannot finish one task at a time, I must jump from one task to another without finishing the first one. I absolutely cannot start a task and finish it without doing something in between. I have tried many times.
85. I am a horrible filer (Marc once asked me where his very large Cardiology text book was and I couldn’t find it and a couple weeks later we found it in the filing cabinet filing under “Medicine.” I really don’t remember putting it there.)
86. I ALWAYS read in the bathroom. If there are no reading materials provided I go through the bathroom cupboards to find a bottle or tube of something to read.
87. I am not good at dealing with pain
88. I'm the oldest child
89. I have one younger brother
90. I feel like I’m getting old, my ovaries are ripening fast!
91. I feel like there is a lot I still want to do before we have kids but also feel like my time is running out, I was just doing math the other day of how old I will be when I have teenagers . . .
92. I am rarely uncomfortable in social situations but think that sometimes I make others uncomfortable with my loudness
93. I wish Malcolm Gladwell would write another book
94. I used to want to be a nurse but only so I could order Chinese Food at midnight
95. I think about Princess Diana when I drive through the tunnel by the Legislature in Edmonton
96. Once when playing hangman with my class in Edmonton I had quite the teaching blooper. A student gave me the phrase “Mrs. G’s class is the best.” We were almost finished and a student guessed s. I put it up and all the students started laughing. I looked at the board and it said, “Mrs. G’s ass is the best.” Hee hee I would have to agree. ;)
97. I have said ass twice in this post. (now three times, oops!)
98. I used to love roller coasters but now I hate them
99. I have an uncanny ability to remember names and phone numbers.
100. I hope Marc comes home soon because what will I do next? Another 100 things about me might be a little much.


Mama Bear said...

You are definitely Orange (with a little blue)

Matt, Monique and Liam said...


Great posting all the things I never knew about you! We miss you in the 'Wack! We'll send some Chilliwack manure smells over to you so you don't forget us!

Talk soon.


Anonymous said...

oh kylie i miss you! (+ marc!) this is the first time i have had the courage to comment...i fear the commitment of submitting this! i love you guys + love hearing about all of your adventures...i read this religiously and think of you both very often. hey, i will NEVER again be called a student nurse - i am legit now! love you - nolene.

Katherine said...

that's fantastic Kylie. I wonder if I could make a list of 100 things. I noticed you cheated a bit by having "I love..." as a line. I still think its legit. Some of my favourites include...94, 86 (I do that too!), 85, 58, and what does GWB stand for. Cmon, you have to tell, otherwise you'd be doing number 54 and you hate that! As always, I love hearing your stories.

marcandorkylie said...

Thank you everyone for your comments. Shelley I am a little confused, orange not blue? Could you clarify. Monique, I would love some Chilliwack nature smells here, that is what I miss the most about Chilliwack ;) well besides you of course.
Nolene, I am so proud of you!!! You made your first comment, was it really that painful? Now that you have done it I expect many many more. Congratulations on being done, official RN!!!! Maybe you and Marc will work together when he gets back. And finally Katherine, I enjoyed going back to the points you enjoyed. GWB stands for the oh so annoying George W. He is number one on my things that really bug me!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kylie, that was a fun read. Living way over there, away from the hustle and technology here, has given you lots of time to think. It may feel like an act of desperation, but I think it is healthy. We should all take time to do it. Thanks for letting us listen in!
Bette :)

abbott said...

I confess Kylie, I peep in on your blog every now and then, and I'm from calgary :-)


Lowell & Julie said...

I just came here to let you know that I tagged you. You know what for? To list 7 random facts about yourself. Well, IT'S LIKE YOU KNEW... you just posted 100 for crying out loud. Okay, consider your duty done hun!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kylie, I loved your list! I definetely agree with #61. I remember the last one I read as a teenager, I suddenly realized they were all the same. I was horrified that it took me so long to figure it out.
Also I about #16. Do you still stretch your gummy bears out until they are all soft before you eat them?

Anonymous said...

Awesome list Kylie! Man, that would take me forever. I love the detail.

Do you guys have a phone number out there? Can you email it to me?


michaelia and jason said...

I left a comment a few days ago, but apparently I failed my word verification! I said that I was impressed with your list and that I agreed with #94, because that is really one of the only perks of working nights. My local chinese delivery service in Cambridge gave me a frequent user discount! And don't worry about being too old for teenagers, if you have a baby in 2 years, you'll only be 51 when your oldest is 21, see- not so bad!