Freshly Shorn

Well an era had ended. Marc has definitely been known for his hair ever since I met him. When I first met him, he was in the process of growing it out. It grew into these beautiful, long shiny flowing locks that many a female would covet. He would often be asked what he did to make his coifs so luxurious and his answer would always be, “Nothing - no blow drying and no product.” (I would love to post a picture here but I don’t think any of them are scanned.)

After Marc went to Europe in 2000 he got the inkling to put dreadlocks in his hair. Sadly he did not go to the salon but asked me to do it. Those of you who know me know that I am not a detail person and I did not really make parts in his hair or separate the dreadlocks well and they ended up looking absolutely awful. They were huge and chunky and full of dandruff. It probably didn’t help that he stopped washing his hair at this point. At our wedding Fraser told the story of Marc coming into the neuroscience office and telling him that he was going to make it snow and shaking all the dandruff out of his hair. UGH!

I told Marc that I would refuse to walk down the aisle with him while he still had the hideous dreadlocks so two days before we got engaged I cut the dreadlocks off. He looked a lot like a British rocker. He then decided to get a spiky cut. I quite liked this cut and being Marc, he made this cut unique as well by having extra long spikes. He was known in Chilliwack by some patients as Dr. Spike and here in Kapsowar many of the nurses call him Dr. Hair.

"Dr. Spike" with our friend Chris, who partly inspired his bald head.

Sadly they can call him that no more. After our pastor shaved his head Marc decided that it would be a great idea.
Mike and his son James who recently shaved their heads for their nephew/cousin who has leukemia.

Me last night enjoying my husbands hair, not thinking at all about bald heads.
And before I really had time to think about it, this was happening.


My genuine reaction:


Marc may have gone native!To go along with Marc’s new do, Niko got a shave too. We got this e-mail from Julie last week. I must say that he looks MUCH better than we shaved him last summer. Here is the new Niko last week.
Here is the hideous Niko last year.
I guess if this is the only way Marc can connect to Niko right now, he'll take it!


testglobaltraffic said...

nice blog

shareen said...

oh wow, I love the kids' expressions...especially the one right beside Marc in the picture who can't stop staring at the glaring whiteness of his bald head. (Marc, are you putting sunscreen on that thing??? I'll keep reminding you.)

And Niko looks adorable! I thought that was a picture of him as a puppy. You'll see him soon...man, even I miss the slobbery goof.

Lowell & Julie said...

AAAAHHHHHH, CRAAAAAZY! I never thought I'd see the day. Wow. I bet that'll take some getting used to for both of you.

If only your high school teachers could see you now... :)

PS- I'm with Shar on the sunscreen thing. Load it on baby.


Oooo, I can't wait til Mom and Dad see this blog. Hee heee heee :)

Anonymous said...

Marc, when you had long hair some Moms asked me if I minded it. I said I liked it, and I am thankful it is not shaved! I am glad you are in Africa!
Mum :)

Mama Bear said...

I thought the spikes looked good. They were unique and creative. Now you just look like every other bald guy on the planet :(

hey, now you can be like britney spears and wear wigs. Cool~

Anonymous said...

I believe the commonest reason to shave one's head in Africa is HEAD LICE. That's probably the rumor out there in Kapsowar right now! Don't be caught scratching that bald head too much --you'll feed that story.

Anonymous said...

.....but where are the eye brows?

Ah the shaved head. Isn't it great Marc? Don't you feel super fast?! Quick like lightning? How about the velcro effect a coupole days later?


Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Kylie mourning over the hair on the floor. I totally understand how you feel. Brad did the same thing, I was horrified. I took me a while, before I didn't feel like I was cheating on my husband. In my heart Bradley will always have long hair. So will Mark!

Ryan,Grace,Penny, Tytus, Henry & Liam said...

I guess guys do this stuff b/c they can. there are times i wish i could just shave it all off and let it grow again, but don't get any ideas kylie. ryan just shaved everything off too (facial hair too...but his was partly to do w/ the canucks). niko's so cute, he does look like a puppy in the pic.

marcandorkylie said...

hey dad, thanks for the idea... today whenever anyone asked me why i shaved my head i just told them i had fleas.

Sparks said...

I've seen worse. Pediculus humanus capitis that is.

Anonymous said...

oh my word!!! To the hair and to your weekend on call!!!!! wow wow wow. That is mental and major congrats to you having survived and kept everyone alive!!!!! wow! Kylie loved your hair blog, you had me in stitches. Missing you guys, take it easy!! love Gemma (scottish gem)